Sexy Power Rangers-Inspired Costumes Exists Now — Yes, Really

The internet is a weird place sometimes. From low-key body shaming Dad Bod fanny packs to sheet masks that look like princess faces, there are some strange things out there. Now, Power Rangers sexy costumes are now a thing, and it's the nostalgic bit of fashion that you never really asked for, but that now you kind of need in your life. Even if only for the bedroom.

Lingerie brand Yandy (offers sizes small to 3XL) has long been known for crafting themed lingerie that people just can't seem to get enough of. In fact, they've got an entire section of lingerie that's based on some of your childhood favorite characters. From Disney princess lingerie to Harry Potter-themed items, Yandy has taken those childhood favorites, and well, made them not child appropriate any more.

Now, Power Rangers-inspired lingerie-turned-costumes are the latest from the brand, and while no, you won't be wearing a full on latex suit (unless you want to, and in that case, you do you, boo), but the skimpy, lace pieces do give off quite a bit of a Power Rangers vibe. Don't worry, though, there's no Rita Repulsa lingerie for you to don. This collection is strictly about the Rangers. After all, it is called the Morphin Babe collection.

According to the Yandy site, the Morphin Babe collection comes in six different colors all with different styles presumably to mirror the outfits of the original Power Rangers. From sleeved bra tops to high-necked chemises, the collection does have a range of styles depending on what your taste is. Let's be honest, sometimes you just want to wear fun lingerie for yourself, and you totally should.

As for the prices, the lingerie is actually extremely affordable. Despite many of the new pieces being sets, everything retails for just $34.95. The only real draw back to the collection is that sizing is limited. While some Yandy items extend to size 2X, the Morphin Babe Squad collection only runs in sizes smalls to XL.

If you're wanting some costume lingerie in plus sizes, though, don't worry. Yandy does have costume lingerie collections that come in plus sizing. If you're a major Harry Potter fan and want some Hogwarts house themed lingerie for yourself or your partner, they've got pieces that come run to size 3X.

If the princess lingerie sounded more your style, don't worry. Those lingerie costumes also come in plus sizing as well also running up to size 3X.

If you've been wanting some fun, new costume lingerie just in time for Halloween, Yandy's Morphin Babe collection may just be it. Sure, taking the nostalgia of your childhood and turning it into lingerie may be weird to some. Who cares? Wear what you want — even if it is a Power Rangers lingerie costume.