'Fuller House' Season 3 Introduces Audiences To A Famous J-Pop Boy Band


Fuller House has had a lot of fun with celebrity guest appearances in its three seasons so far on Netflix, but the Tokyo episode in Season 3 takes it a step further. Is Sexy Zone on Fuller House a real band? While Ramona may not recognize who she is flirting with on vacation, he's telling the truth — he is famous!

In Season 3, the big dysfunctional family is in Japan for Steve and C.J.'s wedding. While Fernando chaperones the little kids, Max and Rose, to a Hello Kitty theme park and the adults get ready for the big event, Jackson and Ramona do some sight-seeing in the metropolis. When are those two kids gonna start crushing on each other, by the way? They seem like the obvious 'ship to 'ship and yet they're constantly looking past each other in pursuit of other romance.

In the middle of the episode, after Jackson is confused for Justin Bieber in the Harujuku District of Tokyo, Ramona becomes enamored with an actual pop star seconds after swearing off boys forever. The mysterious stranger saves her from oncoming traffic, invites her to their concert, and gets her to dance with them on stage. It is truly astounding how often characters on Fuller House manage to get pulled into organized public singing and dancing situations. It's a good thing they're all super talented. Poor Jackson is left alone in the audience, but at least he gets a new favorite band.

As for the guys on stage, yes, Sexy Zone is a J-pop boy band in real life with five members, all teen heart throbs in their own right. They were formed by the talent agency Johnny & Associates. They have released five studio albums as of 2016, titled "One Sexy Zone," "Sexy Second," "Sexy Power3," "Welcome to Sexy Zone," and "Sexy Zone Fifth Anniversary Best." Notice the theme? Their official music videos and some singles have been uploaded to this J-pop website if you really want to get into it and jam. They've been around and steadily releasing music since 2011, which is honestly impressive.

The boy who falls for Ramona is named Marius Yo, as she learns midway through their dance routine. According to the group's official profile, he was actually born in Germany and he is an Aries. Don't you just love boy band facts? The Sexy Zone website also lists the blood types of its members, which is only a little creepy. Anyway, Yo sometimes even sings in German, has acted in Japanese television as well, and was born in 2000 — meaning he was only eleven years old when he joined Sexy Zone. Whoa!

Also, as it turned out, the performer was a fan before being cast on the series with his fellow boy band members. "I have been watching Full House for a long time and I [learned] English through Netflix," said Yo in an interview with the Japanese entertainment site Natalie that has been Google translated into English. "I was delighted with the offer [because] it is delivered all over the world. I can show off to my family in Germany and overseas I am looking forward to the echoes from it."

As for his local fans, there's already a Netflix Japan promo for the Fuller House episode up, with a thumbnail above that shows the actors who play Jackson and Ramona hanging out behind the scenes with the group.

Fuller House has an appeal that reaches beyond American borders, and it's awesome that they're able to showcase this talent on the Netflix series. Sexy Zone certainly made an impact on the fictional Jackson and Ramona. Maybe this will get more American kids into J-pop in real life, too!