The 'Fuller House' Creator Teases What's To Come Next Season & It'll Shock Fans

Mike Yarish/Netflix

The first half of Fuller House Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix and it'll leave fans anxious for the second part of the season to premiere. Series creator and exec producer Jeff Franklin was happy to tease to Bustle some Fuller House Season 3, Part 2 spoilers since Season 4 isn't airing until Part 2 premieres with the second half of the season. So, don't read ahead if you don't want to get spoiled. In a phone interview, Franklin hints what fans can expect in the next part of Season 3 and an emoji that could sum it all up. "We start off Part 2 with a wedding in Japan. A whole lot of surprises are in store," he says. "I think that's going to set the table for the back half of the season. Is there a big surprise emoji?" UPDATE: Season 3, Part 2 will premiere Dec. 22, 2017, according to an Instagram post from Candace Cameron Bure.

UPDATE #2: TV Line has announced that Fuller House has officially been renewed for Season 4.

EARLIER: You heard it here: Big. Surprise. Emoji. Franklin did not specify which couple could be involved in the wedding or whether the couple gets married during the wedding. That means it could be literally anyone on the show's wedding. Here's what we do know: In the first nine episodes of Season 3, Kimmy becomes the wedding planner for Steve (Scott Weinger) and C.J.'s wedding, which they are having in Japan. Franklin also confirms to Bustle that the "whole family is taking a vacation there for this wedding" in Season 3B. D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) will be attending the wedding as a bridesmaid, even though that might be a bit awkward, since D.J. and Steve are high school sweethearts with lingering feelings for each other.

Could that mean Steve and/or D.J. could have a change of heart? Maybe they'll fall back in love in Japan? Or will this trip and the wedding spell the end of D.J. and Steve once and for all? What will happen to D.J.'s boyfriend Matt (John Brotherton)?

Fans will have to wait for those questions to be answered in the Season 3B episodes, which are likely to premiere on Netflix in December, according to TVLine. Franklin tells Bustle that the cast filmed the wedding episode — or episodes — on location in Tokyo for two weeks with a local crew. "It was a wild shoot that I think came out really good," he says.

Though that's all we know about the wedding for now, Franklin and the cast shared photos on social media of their experiences filming in Japan and these glimpses at the shoot provide further hints about Season 3B. For instance, Cameron Bure shared a photo on Instagram from Japan showing that Brotherton, Weinger, and Virginia Williams (who plays C.J.) were on the trip — meaning that Matt and C.J. are, literally, still in the picture.

Brotherton and Weinger have posted photos of the trip on their respective IG accounts, including this playful snap. Weinger captioned the photo: "We'll have to decide D.J.'s future the old fashioned way." Could this be a hint that the love triangle will come to an end in Tokyo?

But another photo from Bure's Instagram account shows Weinger at the "last table read of Season 3," according to the actor's caption. The snap was posted on Aug. 23, so it means Steve will definitely still be around at the end of the season...but could he be with D.J.? Weinger is also a regular cast member on Fuller House, so he would likely be there even if Steve married C.J. It's totally possible that Steve and D.J. could still be friends while married to other people.

Those clues are fun to guess about, but it's nothing compared to what it'll be like to finally have all of our questions answered when Fuller House Season 3B drops on Netflix.