Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Just Teased A Sexy New Collab

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

#Shawmila fans, assemble: your time might have finally come. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello hinted at a collaboration for the first time in four years on Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday, June 18.

Fans have loved the relationship between Mendes and Cabello since they met while performing on Austin Mahone's tour together in 2014. They've often sparked dating rumors because of their close friendship, but the two have repeatedly maintained that they're only friends, so it's best to take them at their word. If the new videos are anything to go by, however, they're still using their art to tell a (fictional!) romantic story.

Mendes and Cabello each posted different clips to their social media accounts on Tuesday teasing the mysterious joint project. The videos are washed in a hazy reddish light, set to dreamy music — unfortunately, there aren't any lyrics fans can dissect just yet. Mendes' clip is decidedly more suggestive, with the two standing close enough to kiss (something that is sure to send the Mendes Army into a frenzy). Cabello's video, meanwhile, offers a bit more of the story they are trying to tell: she is shown as a diner waitress and Shawn as a customer who runs out after her when she leaves. Also, that height difference is the stuff of rom-com fantasy.

This collaboration, which as of yet has no release date, is not the first time Mendes and Cabello have worked together. Their first collaboration, "I Know What You Did Last Summer," came out in 2015 and also imagined the two of them as romantic partners. Granted, the lyrics of that song did not suggest the healthiest relationship: Cabello's role was that of a cheating girlfriend, and Mendes' of a scorned lover. The music video was equally dark, with a CGI storm-ridden landscape and the two walking toward each other the whole time, but never getting closer than about 10 feet apart because they can't see eye to eye.

The new video, which fans have dubbed "IKWYDLS Part 2," already looks more romantic and hopeful, not to mention more fitting for the mature directions both artists have been taking their music recently.

While nothing's been confirmed, it's possible that this collab is part of Cabello's upcoming sophomore album. The "Consequences" singer answered fan questions about the record on Twitter, saying it was coming "sooner than you think," and that at least one of the songs — her mother Sinu's favorite — is called "Anyone." (Could "Anyone" be the one with Mendes? It's possible...)

Needless to say, fans of both Cabello and Mendes are ready for the new content. Though the two continue to talk about each other in interviews and post pictures together on social media, four years is a long time.

Some are pointing out that IKWYDLS came out when Mendes' career was just taking off and Cabello was still a part of Fifth Harmony. Now that both are Grammy-nominated artists, Mendes with three albums under his belt and Cabello having redefined herself creatively since leaving 5H in 2016, people think it's bound to blow IKWYDLS out of the water.

Others are already coming up with theories as to how the new song could connect to "IKWYDLS," although it's possible Cabello and Mendes want to use this chance to tell an entirely new story.

Whatever the new song and video end up being about, fans are ready for it. Hopefully this collab will have a happier ending for Shawmila than the first one.