Shay Mitchell Lost A Tooth While Eating A Bagel & It’s A Cautionary Tale For Us All

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The world can be a scary place. You must always, always be vigilant, as danger often lurks in the most unexpected situations. Sadly, some folks just have to figure that out the hard way. Such was the case when Shay Mitchell lost a tooth while eating a bagel, as Us Weekly reported on Thursday. A true tragedy of epic proportions. On the bright side, she was able to get it fixed and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Now, you might be thinking, "Come on. That's wild. Bagels aren't dangerous. Dough-y and delicious and full of carbs, sure. But dangerous? Psh. Whatever, I'll take my chances." The fact of the matter is that no one can stop you from taking that chance. Just know that you'll be doing so at your own risk. Perhaps this cautionary tale will at least give you pause, or make you a little more mindful of your bagel-biting approach.

Hours before her tooth met an untimely fate, Mitchell shared two short videos on her Instagram Story that put those dastardly circles of dough on display. It's unclear whether or not the bagels featured in the video were *the* bagels to blame, or if the actual culprits were preparing for terror elsewhere, out of view.

Regardless, the bagels eventually made their move, and Mitchell later revealed the devastation that had befallen her. "This is what happens when you eat a bagel sandwich," the actor cautioned, while bravely allowing fans to see the new void in her mouth. "Your tooth comes out. This is what I get for eating two bagel sandwiches."

Thoughts, non-believers? Still feeling confident about taking that risk now? It would behoove you to reply in the negative. Don't feel bad, though. You can't be right all the time. Your confidence just got the best of you in this particular instance. And now you know.

Obviously, there was no way Mitchell could have known what she was in for. For hundreds of years, the dangers of bagels have gone unpublished. As it turns out, they've just been biding their time — dreaming and scheming until someone dared to challenge their capacity for destruction.

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So dare them, Mitchell did. She's a hero, really. She unveiled one of the previously unknown evils of the world. Like putting ketchup on eggs, or mixing peanut butter and pickles, or eating breakfast for dinner. Oh, the horror. But I digress.

Shay Mitchell is a hero, and she deserves to have a statue erected in her honor, be given the key to all the cities, to get a trophy or a commemorative plaque or whatever at the absolute least. Nay — she deserves all of those things, and she deserves our respect.

Perhaps the bagels that wrecked havoc on Mitchell's pearly whites were just a few bad seeds, though. Perhaps they came from a bad batch and have now been unfairly judged. Perhaps we should give the greater bagel community the benefit of the doubt. Or perhaps not. Better safe than sorry.

Just consider yourself warned, OK? And hey —  be careful out there, bagel-biters.