Shereé Tells Shamea All The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Secrets & Stirs The Pot Yet Again

Charles Sykes/Bravo

At Kandi's celebratory white party, Shereé immediately spills the tea about Phaedra accusing Shamea of "sleeping with everybody's husband." Normally, this kind of discussion would not be appropriate for an engagement party, but I guess on Bravo, a one-episode storyline is an acceptable wedding gift. So Shereé tells Shamea about Phaedra's accusation, and Shamea takes that gift and invites Porsha over to complain about her missing the party, complete with a single tear trembling on her false eyelashes as she wonders if Porsha is "putting other people before" her with emotion.

Then, Shamea delivers the kicker: Shereé's gossip. Porsha denies hearing what Phaedra claimed, but of course there's tape that's played over and over to prove her wrong. And interestingly, as Porsha attempts to mount a halfhearted defense of Phaedra, Shamea checks out, leaving her with a warning to "watch out" for that new friendship. It's true, Phaedra has offered her friendship and then the cold shoulder to many cast members: Kandi, NeNe, Kenya (twice!), Kim, Shereeé, Cynthia (as a part of the whole Talls v. Smalls drama, at least) and now, possibly, Porsha will be joining them. Seems liek they're still at least somewhat on good terms, but it's been a while since they've posted a brand new picture together (this one dates back to the charity event).

Oh, and speaking of unconventional friendships, cats and dogs must be living together, because Phaedra and Kenya are somehow, after an entire episode, still friends. And right away, Kenya is laying the boundaries of this new friendship: Phaedra needs to choose between her and Porsha. According to Miss USA, there can only be one Frick to Phaedra's Frack, and she's gunning for the job. And the whole time, Phaedra seems somewhat torn between the two. But I think Shamea's warning holds true, and Shereé's desire to constantly stir the pot might hasten this friendship's end.