Sheree’s Return To ’RHOA’ Will Be Everything

Call me Anne Hathaway, because the first time I saw the new trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta , I clutched my laptop and whispered, "It came true." For years, I hoped the forever fantastic Shereé Whitfield would one day rejoin the main cast of RHOA. And that dream is now a reality television reality: The first trailer for RHOA Season 9, which was released on Wednesday, confirmed that Whitfield is back. And no this isn’t an “oh, she’ll swing by the show once every several episodes and inject the series with her wit and charm and humor and pot-stirring” situation, à la Season 8. This is a “Shereé Whitfield is finally back on the main roster” situation. A situation that calls for celebration. And by “celebration,” I mean “watching Shereé’s classic RHOA clips."

If you missed the first four seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (and therefore have only seen Whitfield as a Friend of The Housewives), then you’ve been depriving yourself of some reality television gem stones. If I may be so bold, I recommend you check out all of those seasons at your earliest convenience; trust me, the binge watch will be worth it.

To warm you up for that marathon, here are some of Whitfield’s finest RHOA scenes.

1. The Kim Zolciak Confrontation That Went From Zero To Wig Tug In A Matter Of Seconds

I mean.

2. The Very Accurate Point She Made At The Season 4 Reunion

Shereé is not wrong. I shudder at the thought of She by Shereé-less Season 1.

3. The Scene Where She Purchased A Botox-Injected Purse


4. Play This On A Loop? Don't Mind If I Do

It really is a bummer that NeNe Leakes won't be back for Season 9, too. Whether they were friends, enemies, or frenemies, I always loved their dynamic.

5. If She Doesn’t Want To Invite You To An Event?

She will not invite you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6a. The Meeting With A Party Planner…

…that birthed one of the most important Real Housewives lines ever.

6b. A Quote So Momentous, It Is Commemorated In Song

As it should be.

7. And Finally, Here Are Whitfield & Leakes Waxing Rhapsodic

Two of the greatest this franchise has ever seen.

Before we call it, I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from RHOA Season 8:

Even as a Friend of the Housewives, she brings the A+ zingers. *Rubs hands together.* Season 9 will be as legendary as a Botox-infused handbag.

Image: sidewindervx/tumblr