This Sailor Moon Collection Is A Shimmery Dream

If you grew up waking up extra early before school to catch an episode of Sailor Moon, then you'll love this upcoming beauty collaboration. To honor the manga's 25th anniversary, makeup brands are coming up with limited edition palettes and collector's cases — Shiseido's Sailor Moon Collection included. The Japanese company is launching two products that will join their MAQuillAGE line, which will center around cosmetics.

According to PopSugar, the mini collection carries two foundation products: The Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV and the Dramatic Powdery UV. "The former is a light base that is meant to create a smooth and seamless complexion, all the while minimizing the appearance pores or shine. The Dramatic Powdery UV, on the other hand, is a powder foundation that provides light coverage for everyday use," PopSugar reported.

The Dramatic Powdery UV comes in a pretty holographic case, decorated with moons and stars, a la Sailor Moon's trademark symbols. It goes from a blue and purple tinge over to pink and magenta, giving off major Lisa Frank vibes. Meanwhile the Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV comes in a foundation bottle, and the cap boasts the same star and moon design, giving you major throwbacks to the Sailor Moons staffs and wands.

The Dramatic Powdery UV, Premium Bandai

The Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV, Premium Bandai

The only downside with this line, though, is that it only comes in two different color shades — and both are very light. So it unfortunately won't be a product for a diverse group of people, unless you want to buy the cases for the love of the cartoon and the novelty of it.

And there are perks involved when buying the two products together — bundled, the collection costs 7,020 yen ($61) and comes with a sticker and a velvet pouch that will keep your collector's piece safe from any dings or scratches. If this sounds up your alley and you can't wait to get your hands on it, you might have to wait a bit before getting your manga fix. The collection won't be available until April 21, which gives you a couple of months to save up your money. In the meantime, tape up your old Sailor Moon poster to your wall and let the excitement begin.

Images: Premium Bandai (2)