Here's Where To Buy The Sailor Moon Prism Compact

One thing that's pretty evident in the beauty world is that we love our nostalgia. Everything from Lisa Frank inspired makeup brushes and unicorn lipsticks to Harry Potter bubble baths and Disney faux-eyelashes, we love our memorabilia. Which is why the Sailor Moon Prism Compact is so exciting — you can live out one of your favorite manga cartoons in your makeup drawer now.

The Japanese beauty brand Creer Beaute just released the four color eyeshadow palette as a part of their Miracle Romance collection. The colors are a fun mix of neutrals and bright pops, sporting a dark brown and sandy hue, as well as a cranberry pink and baby pink shade. The two different pinks can easily double as blushes, or be used to play up the red eyeshadow trend that's been so popular during this past season. But the real exciting detail about this particular product is the case: It's got Sailor Moon vibes all over it.

Click Here To Buy Sailor Moon Prism Compact, $34, Creer Beaute

Sporting the main colors of blue, yellow, green, pink and red, the shades are a nod to the various uniforms the characters wear. While it might not magically give you a short blue sailor dress with a popping bow, you'll definitely feel like you'd be channeling your inner Sailor Mercury or Sailor Venus with this fun case.

Sailor Moon Prism Compact, $34, Creer Beaute

So where can you buy the Sailor Moon Prism Compact? As you have probably guessed Creer Beaute isn't carried in American stores, so you're going to have to snag your collector's item online.

According to PopSugar, the compact will be available online sometime in March 2017, so if you're a devout fan of the manga comic, you have a bit of waiting. You'll be able to get it directly at the Creer Beaute website, or snag it off of Amazon. (Their previously released liquid liners and powders are already available on Amazon). As for the price, it doesn't exactly come with a drugstore tag. "On the Creer Beaute website, the compact is listed for 3,900 yen ($34) and it's also listed on another Japanese beauty site for 4,212 yen, or $36," PopSugar reported.

Thought it's slightly pricey (if that's the price it sells for in USD), a cool 30 bucks compared to some childhood nostalgia? The compact just might be worth the minor splurge.

Images: Creer Beaute (2)