Shoppers in the U.S. Are Obsessed With These 40 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon For Around The House


When it comes to adding new items to our home, my boyfriend and I have very different ideas on what's the best thing to buy. Luckily, there's an obvious answer on what to purchase — because shoppers in the U.S. are obsessed with these Amazon products with high reviews. They're all a little weird, very genius, and extremely useful to own, and the proof is in all the people snatching them up.

We also have very different ideas on how to declutter and organize — like for every piece of junk in the junk drawer, there's a pack of magnetic twist ties I could have purchased instead that would turn that drawer into a useful one. Or, instead of old take-out containers, I could buy some ventilated produce containers — because, as I'm sure you and I both agree, it's good to get rid of old things and replace them with some brilliant household items that are available on Amazon. It's just a matter of getting him to toss some of the things we no longer need.

So whether you've cleaned out your house and are looking for the latest and greatest to fill it back up, or are simply in the market for a compact miniature Keurig, look no further than all the genius items on Amazon.


The Toilet Stool That Makes Using The Bathroom Effortless

By placing your feet on top of this toilet stool, it forces your body into a squatting position, aligning your intestines so that it's easier to use the bathroom — and I can tell you firsthand that it makes a significant difference. This stool is made from eco-friendly bamboo that's water- and mold-resistant, plus you can also adjust the height if you're in need of a more extreme squat. People have been doing it like this for centuries, and it's about time everyone else caught on.


A Heavy-Duty Scrubber That Won't Scratch Your Surfaces

Unlike traditional metal scrubbers that can scratch pots and pans, this pack of scrubbers are soft when used in warm water, yet harden up when dunked into cold water so that you can choose between which one is most suitable for the task at hand. These scrubbers won't leave any marks on glass, stainless steel, cast iron, leather, and more, plus they're designed so that they won't absorb any funky odors for up to eight weeks.


The Dryer Balls Made From 100 Percent New Zealand Wool

Not only do they help aerate the clothes in your dryer so that they take less time to dry, but these dryer balls are also made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic additives, making them perfect for small children as well as anyone with sensitive skin. Each dryer ball is designed to last for more than 1,000 loads of laundry — plus, they completely eliminate the need for dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners.


A Pack Of Bands That Keep Your Bed Sheets From Rolling Up

If you find that your fitted sheet has a tendency to roll up overtop your mattress while you sleep, try using these bed sheet holders to keep it firmly in place. Each order comes with four suspenders that clip to the edges of your sheet, and the cord-lock button allows you to customize the amount of tension on each cord. The clamps have a fabric protector built into them so that they won't shred your sheets, and you can install them without needing to lift your bed.


The Cold Brew Coffee Maker With An Airtight Lid

Paying for cold brew every morning can quickly get expensive, whereas making it at home with this cold brew coffee maker is an easy way to save yourself some money. This cold brew maker is made with a fine mesh filter that prevents the grounds from leaking into your final cup of Joe, plus it's large enough that it can make up to four servings at once. The lid is airtight so that your brew stays fresher for longer, and the entire container is BPA-free.


A Massive Oversized Sweatshirt That Feels Soft Like A Blanket

The best part of a new sweatshirt is how soft the inside is before you wash it — and this extra-comfy blanket and sweatshirt hybrid is made with plush, fluffy sherpa that won't become scratchy over time. It makes a great gift for people of all ages since, really — who doesn't enjoy a warm, cuddly blanket? And one size is made to fit all, too.


The Magnetic Screen Door That's Pet-Friendly, Yet Keeps Bugs At Bay

Whether you have small children running throughout your home, or you'd like to give your pets an easy way to go in and out, this magnetic screen door fits the bill. This screen door is incredibly easy to install — just attach the Velcro strips to your door frame — and the mesh fabric is durable so that it can withstand the force of someone walking right through it.


A Pack Of Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponges That Are Super-Thick

Unlike other eraser sponges that crumble easily after just one use, this version from Oh My Clean is extra-thick and made with a unique three-layer wave design that allow them to last longer than competing brands. All you have to do is add water to these sponges in order for them to effectively get rid of marker, crayon, soap scum, and more — plus, they're completely odor-free and non-toxic.


The Wireless Smart Camera That Features Night Vision

If you're looking for an easy way to add some security to your home, this smart home camera has a built-in motion sensor that allows it to automatically record a 12-second video whenever it detects someone in the room, plus each video is automatically uploaded to the Cloud for convenient storage. The magnetic base and included adhesive allow you to place this camera practically anywhere without any screws, and it's compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.


An Instant Pot That Replaces Seven Kitchen Appliances

Not only does it feature a rice cooking, steaming, sauté, slow cooker, and even a yogurt maker function, but the Instant Pot pressure cooker also lets you safely cook meals while you're away from the stove — and does it very fast, too. Each 6-quart gadget comes with a soup spoon, rice paddle, as well as a lid holder, and it also helps reduce mess in your kitchen by combining all your ingredients directly into one pot. One reviewer wrote: "The benefits to pressure cooking are numerous, using the Instant Pot makes it incredibly easy. Can you tell I'm completely smitten with this little appliance?! It proudly sits on my counter and is used nearly every single day."


The Storage Containers That Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

Take-out containers only keeps your food good for so long, whereas these containers from Rubbermaid are made with a crisping tray that keeps moisture away from your food — plus, the built-in vent helps regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide so that your food stays fresher for longer. The filter never needs to be replaced so you won't have to worry about buying any extras, and each container is completely BPA-free.


A Handy Broom Holder That Easily Mounts To Your Wall

Not only can you use it in your utility closet to get your brooms, mops, and dusters organized — but this broom holder can also be used in your garage to hold your shovels, golf clubs, rakes, and more. It's able to hold up to 35 pounds so you won't have to worry about it toppling to the ground, plus all the screws and anchors required to mount it to your wall come included.


The Reusable Food Baggie Made From Durable Silicone

Because silicone is naturally antibacterial, this silicone food bag is an easy way to keep germs and bacteria from developing on your meal. It also features a pinch-lock seal that allows you to squeeze all the excess air out of the bag so that your food stays fresh, and the silicone construction means that it's also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use this bag in the freezer, microwave, or even submerge it into boiling water, plus it's completely BPA-free.


A Keurig That's Designed To Fit Into Small Spaces

Most single-serve coffee machines tend to be large and bulky, whereas this one from Keurig is designed to fit into small spaces — making it perfect for cramped kitchens, cubicles, or even dorm rooms. The power cord on this coffee maker is extra-long so that you can easily reach awkward outlets, and the automatic shut-off function turns it off 90 seconds after your cup of coffee finishes brewing, which helps save you money on utilities.


The Tool That Gets Rid Of Stubborn Clogged Drains In A Jiffy

Most liquid drain removers rely on harsh chemicals to dissolve whatever is blocking your pipe, whereas this clog remover uses zero chemicals whatsoever, instead relying on over 4,000 micro-hooks that latch onto built-up gunk and hair. The extra-long design makes it easy to get deep clogs that other tools can't reach — plus, it's flexible so that it easily maneuvers around curves and other hard-to-reach areas in your pipes.


A Pack Of Magnets That Let You Hang Posters Onto Practically Any Wall

If your landlord won't let you put holes into your walls, try using these picture hangers instead. These handy little buttons have a super-strong adhesive on the back that sticks to practically any surface, and the front features a magnet that will hold up your posters and photos without letting them fall. The adhesive is effective on wood, brick, concrete, plaster, stainless steel, and more — plus, each hanger is reusable so you can change up your decor anytime.


The Magnetic Twist Ties With Almost Unlimited Uses

Use one to tie your curtains back, or grab one of these magnetic twist ties and use it to secure your keys to the front of your refrigerator. Each twist tie is made with a strong magnet that keeps it from coming loose, plus they're made from soft, durable silicone that won't accidentally scratch your belongings. And as an added bonus, the magnets are embedded and sealed into the silicone so that you won't have to worry about them falling out or corroding.


A Tool That Makes It Easy To Slice Up Delicious Watermelon

Whether you're looking to get some uniformly-sliced watermelon for a fancy brunch — or simply want to dig into some watermelon quickly, this tool from Wodifer is right up your alley. This tool is made from BPA-free high-quality stainless steel that won't develop rust over time, and there are no sharp edges so that people of all ages can use it safely. The comfortable handle makes it easy to push this tool into the melon, and each order also comes with four fruit forks and one spoon.


The Cordless LED Light With A Built-In Motion Sensor

Not only does it make for a great security light, but this super-bright LED light can also be used in hallways, closets, or even showers for some extra visibility. This stick-on cordless light has a built-in motion detector that turns off after 30 seconds to help save battery power, plus it can rotate a full 360-degrees so that it's easy to shine the light exactly where you want it.


A Container That Keeps Your Guacamole Fresh With An Airtight Seal

Guacamole quickly turns an unappetizing shade of brown when it's been exposed to the air too long, which is why this guacamole keeper is designed with an airtight seal that keeps your guac fresher, for longer. It's so airtight, in fact, that it's able to keep your guacamole (or practically any other food) fresh for days on-end, plus it's large enough that it can hold up to 4 cups of your favorite ingredients.


The Massage Tool That Works All Over Your Body

Unlike competing massagers that require you to contort in weird directions just to reach every spot on your back, this super-versatile massage tool lets you give yourself a massage while your arms are comfortably lowered, plus it's designed so that gravity winds up doing most of the work for you. The pear-shaped tip and flexible core allow you to easily choose how firm or soft of a massage you get, and it's even made from eco-friendly recycled plastic.


A Tool That Opens Up Any Jar Of Any Size With Ease

It doesn't matter how big or small your jar is, this handy jar opener will open it up for you in just a few seconds at the push of a button. It's great for people of all ages since there's no effort required on your end besides attaching it to the jar — plus, it only uses two AA batteries so you won't have to worry about keeping it charged.


The Hydrating Balm That Soothes Dry, Cracked Skin

Not only will this soothing balm help condition dry, cracked skin on your feet, hands, and body — but it's also formulated with antimicrobial calendula oil so that small cuts and insect bites heal quickly. The added lavender works to even out your skin's complexion, plus there are zero artificial preservatives, parabens, sulfates, or fragrances in the formula. Unlike other balms, this one absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residues on your skin.


A Pack Of Reusable Straws Made From Stainless Steel

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this pack of reusable drinking straws are a great way to avoid having to use those crummy paper straws that start to deteriorate before your appetizer is even out. Four of these straws have a bent tip so that it's easy to drink from a tumbler, plus there are four straight straws for you to use if you find yourself preferring those ones. Each order also comes with two cleaning brushes and a travel pouch.


The Towels That Only Require Water To Get Your Surfaces Squeaky-Clean

If you're trying to avoid using harsh chemicals around your home, these towels are made from nanolon fiber that allows them to attract liquid, dust, dirt, grime, and more like a magnet. The only thing you need to spray on them in order for them to get your house squeaky-clean is water, and they're gentle enough that they can be used to clean glass, yet durable enough for heavy-duty surfaces like stainless steel or metal.


A Balm That Protects Your Skin From Painful Chafing

Whether your hands are raw from lifting weights at the gym —or you find that your skin has a tendency to chafe against your clothes throughout your day, this moisturizing balm can help soothe your skin while simultaneously protecting it from irritation. You can apply this balm all over your body, including your lips, elbows, heels, knees, or any other area that's prone to chafing or dryness, plus it's even great for small cuts and scrapes.


The Coffee Grounds That Are Perfect For Cold Brewing

Because they've ground the beans extra-fine, this 100 percent Arabica coffee is perfect for creating a delicious pitcher of cold brew coffee. Just add water, then let it brew at room-temperature for up to 18 hours — depending on how strong you prefer the taste. It's also 67 percent less acidic than traditional coffee, plus the beans have been ethically-sourced from Central and South America.


A Block That Helps Alleviate Pain In Your Neck, Shoulders, And Back

All you have to do is position this massage block under your neck, head, back, or even under your shoulders, and the dual peaks will work to release muscle tension as well as stress headaches. There are no harsh chemicals, batteries, or moving parts to this block which means it's incredibly simple to use, plus the thick-walled premium synthetic rubber make durable.


The Stain Remover That's So Powerful It Can Get Rid Of Red Wine

Spilling red wine on a carpet used to mean you'd need a new carpet, but this powerful stain remover can not only get rid of stubborn stains caused by wine, but it's also effective when used on coffee, blood, ink, fruit punch, sauces, or even pet accidents. The scent is light with notes of citrus that won't overpower any room you use it in, plus you can also use it to remove latex paint, graffiti, or to de-grease surfaces.


A Pack Of Nuts That Are A Hypoallergenic Way To Wash Your Clothes

If laundry detergents are too much for your sensitive skin, or if you're looking for an eco-friendly way to do your laundry, this pack of laundry nuts are free from any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, plus they're also hypoallergenic. Each order comes with enough nuts to last you for up to 360 loads of laundry, and they also work to soften your clothes as they wash so you don't need to use fabric softener.


The Handy Device That Helps You Locate Your Lost Items

Instead of learning to put things back where he found them, my boyfriend started using this handy device called a Tile. You simply insert a tile into your wallet, onto your key ring, or stick it to the back of your phone, and anytime you misplace your item you can make the Tile ring so that you can easily find where you put it. As an added bonus the battery is included and replaceable, yet guaranteed for at least one year after it's been activated.


A Lap Stand For Tablets That's Soft Like A Pillow

Holding up your tablet so you can watch videos quickly gets old, whereas using this soft tablet stand is not only easy but comfortable as well. This stand is made from lightweight foam with a suede cover that's soft to the touch, and it's compatible with most tablets and e-readers, including the iPad and iPad Mini. You can sit books on it so that they're easy to read, plus there are three different viewing angles to choose from depending on your preferences.


The Foot Massager That Relieves Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Whereas most foot massagers only allow you to work one foot at a time, this foot massager can not only handle both feet at once, but the high-quality wood construction won't crack under pressure. There are non-slip gripping pads on the bottom of this massager so that it stays firmly in place while you alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, muscle soreness, arch pain, and more in your feet — plus, the rollers all move independently in order to stimulate your tissues as much as possible.


A Stainless Steel Bar Of Soap That Gets Rid Of Stubborn Odors

Just rub this stainless steel bar of "soap" between your hands like you would a regular bar, and it'll quickly eliminate stubborn odors on your hands from fish, garlic, onions, and more. It's still effective whether you use it with or without water (though it doesn't replace an actual bar of soap when it comes to germ and bacteria removal) — plus, it makes a great gift for home cooks and professional chefs alike.


The Desktop Organizer That Keeps Your Headphones Safe From Damage

If you have a tendency to knock your headphones off your desk, try using this handy desktop organizer to keep them safe from damage. This organizer has a hook that allows you to hang your headphones where your elbow won't be constantly bumping into them, and the built-in clamp makes it easy to attach it to practically any flat desk. There are no tools required for installation — plus, it even has a cup where you can store pens, candy, paper clips, and more.


A Drink Holder That You Can Use Practically Anywhere

Whether you need a place to put down your coffee, wine, or soda, or if you even have a few remote controls that need a home, this handy armchair organizer can hold them all. The legs are re-positionable so that they'll fit just as well in your couch as they do between the seats in your car, and the built-in flip-down arms allow it to safely hold stemware without it toppling over.


The Bedside Shelf That Can Hold Up To 15 Pounds

Not only is it made with an incredibly strong clamp that keeps it securely fastened to your bed, but this handy shelf is also so strong that it can hold up to 15 pounds. The shelf itself is made from eco-friendly bamboo that pairs well with any style of decor, and the clamp won't scratch your surfaces since it has thick felt on the inside. One Amazon reviewer even raved: "I use mine for holding my alarm clock, remote and a notepad for those middle of the night bright ideas, but it seems sturdy enough to hold much heavier things."


A Scoop That Minimizes Mess When Making Cupcakes

Transferring batter from the bowl to your cupcake pan more often than not results in at least a few messy drips, so eliminate the mess by using this convenient cupcake scoop. The curved front makes it easy to dispense your batter directly into the pan without any spillage, and the silicone plunger is great for scraping the bowl clean so there's no waste. This scoop also measures the same amount every time so your cupcakes are even, plus it also helps keep your fingers clean.


The Miniature Spatula That Gets Every Last Drop Out Of Almost Any Container

Whether you're trying to get the last of your salad dressing, liquid makeup — or if there's even a last dribble of ketchup in the bottle you want for your fries — this miniature spatula can easily reach it so nothing goes to waste. This spatula is small enough that it can fit into practically any bottle, plus the sturdy, yet flexible design makes it easy to reach every nook and cranny.


A Pair Of Silicone Trivets That You Can Use All Over Your Kitchen

Use it to safely place a hot pot down on your kitchen table, or use one of these silicone trivets to grab hot items out of the microwave and oven. The flexible design makes it easy for them to contour to the shape of whatever you're grabbing, and they're also great for helping to open stubborn jars. You can even use them as splatter guards when frying foods, plus the food-grade silicone is completely BPA-free.

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