7 Shows To Watch On Netflix UK If You're Obsessed With 'Love Is Blind'


In a television landscape filled with the likes of First Dates and the ITV2 phenomenon Love Island, the influx of reality TV dating shows is showing no signs of slowing down. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll more than likely be familiar with Netflix's Love Is Blind, which has had audiences captivated ever since its debut on the platform earlier this year. However, if you've already completed the first season, you might now be on the lookout for something new — and if thats the case, here are shows like Love Is Blind to watch on Netflix UK.

Although comments made by series creator Chris Coelen indicate a second season could soon be on the way, there are plenty of other brilliant, and very similar Love Is Blind alternatives to be enjoyed in the meantime. Former couples reuniting with an ex, a string of intense blind dates, and single celebrities on a quest to find love is just a taste of what you can expect from Netflix's impressive range of offerings in this particular genre. However, deciding on which shows to invest your time in can oftentimes take longer than the series itself. So, I've gone ahead and hand-picked some of the very best Love Is Blind substitutes, and you can thank me later.


'Back With The Ex'

The demise of any relationship can bring its difficulties, and for many, the question of "what if?" can linger on for quite some time following a break-up. But given the chance to reunite with an ex, would you take it? Well, Back with the Ex offers several former-couples precisely that.

Throughout the reality dating series, four singletons are presented the opportunity to reignite their relationship with an old flame — and following a string of dates and difficult conversations, participants must then decide whether to rekindle things with their ex, or leave things behind once and for all.

Watch Back with the Ex here


'Celebs Go Dating'

Being in the public eye doesn't exempt you from the trials and tribulations of single life, and E4's Celebs Go Dating certainly proves that. The series follows a group of famous faces at the Celebrity Dating Agency, and working alongside the show's resident dating experts, participants set out on a mission to find the perfect match. During their Go Dating stint, the celebs are also tasked with breaking out of their own circles, and are only permitted to date the non-famous.

Watch Celebs Go Dating here


'Dating Around'

Blind dates are often considered one of the more unpredictable methods of finding a significant other. You never know quite what you're going to get, and the risk of being stood up becomes a very real possibility. However, Netflix's Dating Around certainly doesn't shy away from the concept, and centred around six real-life singletons, the series documents five blind dates — which, if successful, will hopefully go on to kick-start some blossoming relationships.

Watch Dating Around here


'My Hotter Half'

When it comes to relationships, some things are better left unsaid, especially when it comes to discussing who's the better looking partner. However, E4's unconventional dating series My Hotter Half sees already established couples set out to discover which of them is considered to be the most attractive. The final decision is made by complete strangers, and whoever's sexiest selfie fails to impress is then required to undergo a complete makeover. Nice.

Watch My Hotter Half here


'Extreme Engagement'

Making the decision to walk down the aisle is not something to be taken lightly, and in an attempt to uncover new perspectives of what it means to make the ultimate commitment, one couple set out on a journey to explore various marriage customs from a diverse range of cultures.

Extreme Engagement follows the engaged pair as they travel to some of the most remote corners of the world, and throughout their mammoth trip, will discover if they really want to tie the knot after all.

Watch Extreme Engagement here


'Cheapest Weddings'

Seven Network / Netflix

For many, planning the fairytale wedding is something they've always dreamt of. However, our budgets don't always match our aspirations, and Cheapest Weddings follows a string of engaged couples as they try and execute plans for their big day on an extremely humble budget. Participants are faced with an array of financial hurdles during their attempt to pull-off the ceremony, and although intended to be a jovial occasion, the couple's relationships are very much put to the test.

Watch Cheapest Weddings here


'What The Love!'

As many of us know, the single life isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Thankfully, for participants of Netflix's What the Love!, Karan Johar is on hand to help usher singletons into the ever-daunting dating arena. With the assistance of celebrity guests and an expert glam team, Karan advises contestants throughout their journey to find love, who whilst doing so, will also face up to some of their own personal struggles.

Watch What the Love! here