UK 'Love Is Blind' Fans May Have A While To Wait For A British Version Of The Show

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The reality series in which couples get engaged without ever actually meeting face to face has had audiences fixated ever since the show's debut. If you're unfamiliar with the format, I am of course referring to Netflix's runaway hit Love Is Blind, which follows 30 men and women on the lookout for love in some less-than-traditional circumstances. Filming for the first season took place over in the States, however, I'm sure there are plenty of love-seeking Brits who'd be more than willing to join in on the shenanigans. So, will there be a UK version of Love Is Blind?

Unfortunately, a UK edition of the reality series is yet to be announced. However, showrunner Chris Coelen recently teased that Love Is Blind UK is something he’d be interested in. When asked about the possibility of a British version, Coelen told the Metro, "Absolutely! 100% ... Let’s make it happen, I’d love it." Now, this is hardly confirmation, but these comments certainly give us hope — and fingers crossed the show makes its way over to Blighty soon.

Love Is Blind marks the first time Netflix has dipped its toe into the reality TV dating universe, and if you're itching to know what all the fuss is about, here's how the series works: A group of single men, all of whom hope to find a significant other, move into a shared flat. As luck would have it, the men are situated just a stone's throw away from another apartment, where a group of single women reside. Throughout their time on the series, participants meet for a string of romantic dates, however, as the show's title suggests, contestants are never actually allowed to see one another.

The aim of Love Is Blind is for the men and women to find a partner based on their personalities and voices, as opposed to just their physical attributes. Once the 35 day stint is up, participants who wish to take their relationship further are required to pop the question — and eventually tie the knot. Yes, seriously.

If you've already managed to power your way through the entire first series, news of a second run would be very welcome indeed. Sadly, Netflix is yet to announce whether or not Love Is Blind will return, however, the streaming service recently unveiled details of reunion special. The additional episode will arrive on the platform on Thursday, March 5, and promises to answer "all your burning questions."

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