Sick Of Life's Bullsh*t? Here Are 49 Clever Things You Should've Bought Sooner

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On some mornings, I wake up ready to take on the world — but most of the time, I wind up hitting snooze for an hour (no shame). I can't help it — when life's bullsh*t starts to pile up on me, I'd much rather stay tucked under the blankets for as long as possible. But on those days where I absolutely have to get up, I always make a straight beeline for all of the clever products I bought on Amazon that help me get through the day.

I do realize, however, that my day probably looks drastically different from yours. That's why I've made sure to include a little something for everybody in this list. For example, if you like to exercise outdoors, be sure to check out the anti-chafing body lotion I've added. Not only does it help keep your skin protected from irritation, but the formula is also hypoallergenic. And if your skin is already smooth as butter, you absolutely can't go wrong with the mineral powder with built-in SPF 30 — even if you spend all day sitting indoors like I do.

Whether I'm searching for affordable home upgrades or simply trying to overcome life's hurdles, I always head straight to Amazon. Keep scrolling to check out my top picks that help me get through the day.

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