Robby & Amanda Fans Are Going To Be Very Happy About These ‘BiP’ Clues

Paul Hebert/ABC

Many romantic connections have been made during Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, but will any of them last outside of the show's idyllic Mexican resort? It's always a big question for the participants to face as the summer ends. But there are definitely signs that Robby & Amanda are together after Bachelor in Paradise. It's so possible that this couple could go this distance this time around and there are definitely clues that these two are still together after the show.

Last season, Amanda got engaged to Josh Murray after her stint in Paradise, but they split after the season ended. Robby finished as runner-up on Jo Jo's season of The Bachelorette and this is his first go-around on Bachelor in Paradise. It's taken a bit for Robby and Amanda to get started — she has gracefully turned down some of his flirtatious advances (which included putting glowsticks in the hot tub and hotel slippers), but later on, Amanda and Robby shared their first kiss. On After Paradise, Amanda had said she wanted to take things slower during Season 4 after having a fast-paced relationship with Josh in Season 3. That's a good plan and it seems like Robby is willing to do so, too.

And taking it slow seems to have worked out for Robby and Amanda, if these clues to their post-show coupling are to be believed.

They Were Spotted Together By The Press

Here is the No. 1 biggest sign: Robby and Amanda were photographed together at the end of July, according to Us Weekly. The publication reported that they held hands in West Hollywood and attended an LA Dodgers baseball game together with Ashley I. and Tickle Monster. Hanging out post-show is definitely a sign.

They Were Spotted Together By A Fan

Paul Hebert/ABC

On July 27, Instagram user moniluv5150 took a photo of herself posing with Robby and Amanda, tagged at The Deck on Laguna Beach. Perhaps it was a date?

She's One Of His Favorite People

On Aug. 24, Robby posted this photo of himself and his Paradise castmates, including Amanda. He captioned the snap: "These are a few of my favorite things. (And by 'things' I mean humans)." This means that Amanda is one of his favorite persons to hang out with. Hmm.

They Are Both Based In Southern California

According to Robby's Twitter bio, he lives in the Venice Beach area, while Amanda's Twitter bio indicates that she lives not-too-far away in Orange County, Calif. (it can be a 1-2 hour drive, depending on LA traffic). There isn't much distance between them, making a post-BiP relationship between them very possible.

They Tweet At Each Other

Like many other Bachelor alums, Robby and Amanda have been live-tweeting Bachelor in Paradise as it airs. Occcasionally, they tweet at each other and it's always friendly.

They Both Recently Posted Photos From Disneyland

Amanda posted the above photo on IG about a week ago and Robby posted a photo tagging Disney this week. Could they have gone together?

They Both Love The Beach

As evidenced by Amanda and Robby's respective IG accounts, they both go to the beach a lot. However, they've never been tagged at the same SoCal beach — Robby regularly goes to Venice Beach and Amanda is regularly at the Orange County beaches, like Laguna Beach.

Recently, though, Robby retweeted an article about Orange County's Newport Beach originally tweeted by Chase McNary. Could it be because Robby's been spending some time in Amanda's area?

These are pretty clear signs that Robby and Amanda are still together after Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, but we won't know for sure until they confirm it on-screen and off.