These Succulent Nails Will Give You A Literal Green Thumb

by Kali Borovic

There have been some interesting nail trends over the years, but no others have been perfect for summer quite like this. Succulent nails are taking over social media, and they're easier to get than you might think. The trend brings your nails to life like you never imagined. You don't have to water them and wait for the to sprout, either.

Succulent are nothing new to social media. The tiny little plants that require pretty much zero maintenance are so trendy that they're starting to grow on nails — sort of. Simply Nailogical created a succulent nail art tutorial after seeing the idea on social media. It grew into a life of its own to say the least.

This might be a green thumb come to life, but you don't have to be a gardener to get in on the trend. All Cristine from Simply Nailogical does is buy some succulents (or any other small plant you find while wandering around the garden section), cut them up, and glue them on you nail.

If glue isn't your jam, gel nails will work just fine too. Cristine puts on the topcoat, sticks the plants to it, and then cures it for a minute. After that, the plants are adhered to her actual nails and ready to be worn around.

The idea is a whole lot easier than actually growing plants, too. It requires pretty much no gardening experience. The trick is to file down the bottom of the succulent after you cut it, so that it sits flat on the nail. After that, the design is yours to create. You can combine as little or many plants to your nail as you'd like.

Although some users claim that no plants were harmed in the making of these nails, that's not exactly true. Each plant needs to be cut down in order to be put on the nails. Plus gluing them or adhering them to your nails is not exactly the ideal growing conditions for a plant. There's no word on how long the plants last when applied to the nails.

Of course, there is one way around it — use fake plants. That way, you can cut them down without harming the plant or having them die mid-wear. Because wearing dead plants on your nails isn't as fun as wearing bloomed ones.

This tutorial isn't the first time that someone has sporting plant nails around. There are tons of other tutorials including everything form tiny little leaves to fully bloomed succulents. Others just use nail polish to paint dainty little plants on their nails. That's the most wearable way to nail the trend. Gluing actual plants on is a little less wearable. (Read: not practical at all.)

The trend goes all the way back to 2016, when people first started flaunting the nail blooms. It's never been explain quite as easily as Cristine does in her tutorial though. All you need is a set of plants, gel top coat, and a light to cure it.

This is just one of the completely bonkers trends to hit social media as of lately. There's been everything from actual snow globe nails that contain water inside to wire art on nails. Heck, people even glued actual hair onto their nails, which also went viral.

Apparently nothing is off limits when it comes to nail art. While the designs aren't always exactly the most practical, they are guaranteed to catch the attention of all of your followers. Just be warned that doing everyday tasks like washing your hair and texting will get a whole lot harder. But, hey, do it for the 'gram.