This Company Lets You Buy Hours Of Travel As Gifts For People

Picking out the right gift for someone can sometimes feel next to impossible, especially when you're trying to find a gift for a person who seems to have everything. Of course, gift cards and money are always an option, but when sometimes you want things to feel more personal, and cash on its own just doesn't have that feel. If you are going to go with a gift card, it's nice to pick something that aligns with someone's hobbies or passions. If their passion is travel, though, things get more complicated — you can't exactly buy someone a vacation or a plane ticket, unless you plan on spending a couple of hundred dollars. Enter Skyhour, a new gifting platform that solves that problem. Skyhour is a creative option that allows you to give the gift of air travel without breaking the bank, and it's pretty genius.

Skyhour is basically like buying someone airplane credit, but better. Here's how it works: you can gift someone as many Skyhours as you'd like. There's a flat fee of $60 for each Skyhour, which is equal to one of flying time. So, say you want to give someone enough money to book a flight somewhere three hours away. You would spend $180.00 to give them three Skyhours. If you wanted to keep it on the cheaper side, you could spend $60 for just one hour, or even $30 for a half-hour.

The recipient can then use their new Skyhours towards any flight they want, including flights from all the major airlines — the flights are booked directly on the Skyhours website. Plus, no matter how many Skyhours you gift them, they're not limited to only picking a flight that is that amount of time — instead, they'll be able to use however many Skyhours they have toward whatever flight they want, and then all they have to do is pay the difference. So, say they pick a flight somewhere that is six hours away, but they only have three Skyhours. Half their flight is basically paid for thanks to your gift!

It's a cool and simple concept — so much so, it makes you wonder how we've all gone so long without a platform like it. Giving the gift of travel is an awesome concept, especially considering the money goes towards flights, which can deter many people from going anywhere to begin with because they're so expensive.

Another fun part of both the app and the website is that you're able to create your own travel goals to remind yourself of exactly what you're working towards. You can add photos, set a budget, and then share your travel goals with the world. It's a fun way to really get into the whole experience.

Basically, if you have a friend or family member who is constantly itching to explore the world, Skyhour is a great gift option for them — and one that they will truly appreciate. Just in time for the holidays, am I right?