Millennial Pink Slime Highlighter Exists & It's Definitive Proof That '90's Dreams Do Come True

Everyone loves a good gimmick makeup product, even if it's just for the novelty of it. From foaming face masks that turn your face into fluffy clouds to black highlighter that looks like a goth queen's dream, these products are fun in theory, but don't get much action in your actual beauty routine.

But what about a gimmicky product that actually works? Introducing Givenchy's Mémoire De Forme Highlight, a slime highlighter that will throw you back to your Nickelodeon green goo days. When you open up the jar (which is so big, by the way, it looks like you accidentally bought a moisturizer), you're met not with the usual powder or cream format, but a millennial pink jelly that will set your cheeks a-blazing.

When you pop the cap, you might face some apprehension. Hesitation, even. How, exactly, are you going to spread jelly all over your face and make it not look like a third grader's art project? It turns out, it's not that hard. NikkieTutorials, a go-to beauty vlogger on YouTube, did a review on the product, and showed fans how to apply and work it.

Givenchy Mémoire De Forme Highlight, $45, Barneys New York

The fun thing about this product is that it's both a face and body gel highlighter, meaning you can spread it not only across your cheekbones, but also down your legs, arms, and collarbone to give yourself an all-over glow. It has a fresh and bouncy texture, and contains 72 percent water, making it super hydrating. But that refreshing, wet quality is exactly what had beauty lovers and Nikkie hesitant: Putting on a wet product over foundation, concealer, and powder usually ends in disaster. Your makeup separates and becomes cakey, throwing a wrench into your flawless beauty look.

But, praise be, not with this goo!

Using her finger, Nikkie tapped the slime onto her cheekbone to see what kind of sheen it will provide. And right away you can see the tell-tale glisten of a pretty highlight — and even more exciting, it didn't disrupt the base underneath. She admitted this was the first time that has ever happened with such a product. Score one for the slime.

While it gave a dewy, wet-like glow that looked pretty for a regular daytime look, Nikkie thought there was potential to make it shimmer and sheen even more. Using it as a base highlight — and waiting until it was nearly dry but still a little wet — she layered Nylon eyeshadow by MAC on top, creating a highlight that people could see from outer space. It glowed, people. She literally started purring and then wheezing after seeing that strobe. It was what highlighting dreams were made out of.

"This is how you highlight when you are a glow fanatic," she said in her video. "If you are all about that glow in your life and you are looking for Facetune-d glow in real life, this is it."

The downside to the product is that it's $45, which is quite pricey. But you get 1.05oz, which is a lot of product, and you only need one slight dip of a finger to cover a whole cheek. However, in the comments, beauty lovers said they weren't sure if that price point was worth it if you had to technically layer on another highlighter to achieve that mega-watt glow. On it's own, the Givenchy pudding is a wet, dewy highlight, and it acts as a stellar boost when set as a foundation for other highlighters. So it all depends on what your budget is, and if you think that it's worth splurging on.

Either way, you have to admit that the slime delivered. Who would have thought?