Snapchat's New Features Are Lit

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Alert: Snapchat is about to introduce some brand new features that are seriously going to enhance your Snap game. They're introducing Multi-Snap and the Tint Brush, to make it easier for users to record longer segments and edit images — basically making Snaps look a little bit more professional and turnt than usual. Plus, the new features will give us all an opportunity to be more involved with the way our content looks — aka, giving us all another reason to spend time obsessing over our phones. Alas.

Multi-Snap is a new recording tool that will allow users to record up to six consecutive 10-second-long Snaps. This is perfect for when you're singing a song, on a long tangent, or recording your favorite part from a concert or sports game — now, you won't be interrupted! You don't have to stress over remembering where you left off to remember where to start, and your videos won't be choppy, delayed, or disjointed. Not to mention, now you don't have be confused and thrown around when someone in your feed records a bunch of Snaps in a row, because with Multi-Snap, the whole segment will be uploaded at once, zero confusion induced.


To use, all you do is hold down the record button the past the 10-second mark. The videos will just keep recording and load on to a preview page where you can see them chronologically lined up. There you can edit them, decorate them, or delete ones that you don't like. Once you're happy with it, you can post it and they'll show up in your friend's feeds, in order and without any separation. Your friends will click through it the same way they always would.


The Tint Brush is also a great way to fall into a Snap hole and let your whole day pass you while you color a picture of your dog green or turn the sky green. Basically, the tool lets you change the color of anything in your photo. All you have to do is click the scissors icon in the Vertical Toolkit, and find the new Tint Brush icon. Tint Brush appears alongside the icons for custom Stickers, Magic Eraser and Backdrops.

Choose any color of the rainbow, then trace the object you'd like to change, or the area that you’d like to “tint” a brand-new color. Then, BAM, colors changed. People are going to go ham on this. I expect to see a lot of hair color changes and neon animals in the near future. Moreover, a lot more heads stuck in phones and a lot more exciting stuff to watch in our Snap feeds.

If you haven't updated your app lately, you'll want to make sure you're totally up-to-date so that you can get your paws on the update ASAP!