Snapchat Just Rolled Out Your New Fave Feature

by Sarah Fielding
Sarah Fielding/Bustle

There are few things I appreciate more than a voice filter. Something about having my voice manipulated weirdly gives me the confidence to say anything I want to — confidence that I wouldn't otherwise have with my normal voice. Well, on July 5, Snapchat introduced new voice filters — so, it looks like my confidence is about to sky rocket. As you probably remember, two weeks ago Snapchat released Snap Maps, a tool that allows you to see where in the world your friends are and — at times — what they're doing. While this new voice filters feature won't let you spy on that hottie you've been talking to, it will provide a lot of fun. So, I'm sure the only question on your mind now, is how do you use voice filters on Snapchat?

This update is very simple to incorporate into your current Snap streak. The great thing about Snapchat is the idea that anything created on it should not be taken very seriously. It's the app of weird selfies and dog faces. Nothing that exists on Snapchat is meant to be perfect or curated. Voice filters is the perfect addition to that, as it allows users to create videos that are as funny or weird as they want.

So far, four voice filters have been released: A cat, bear, robot, and alien — a fun mix that gets progressively more out of this world with each click. So, how do you use 'em?

1. Update Your App

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The first step to using any new Snapchat feature is always to update your app. This can be done through finding it's update on the app store and activating it.

2. Record A Video

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It goes without saying that the only way to use voice filters is when taking a video, because pictures have no sound. Hold down the center button and record yourself speaking. You don't need to have a face filter activated for this if you don't want one.

3. Click The Speaker Icon In The Bottom Left Corner

After recording a video, a speaker icon will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. Click that,f and the four filters will appear above it. Pick each to hear how your voice will sound, and, when you've made your decision, leave your choice selected. After you add any more finishing touches you desire, send it off into Snapchat land!

While voice filters already existed on Snapchat through select face filters, as an added bonus, this update allows you to use voice filters combined with any face filter — or, of course, just a voice filter on its own.

So, now that you know how to use voice filters on Snapchat, record away. The world is your oddly-voiced oyster.