'SNL's 'This Is Us' Parody Is An Emotional Look At President Donald Trump's White House As The Pearson Family — VIDEO

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This Is Us fans are well-aware of the drama series' ability to make viewers tear up every single episode. The March 10 episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown — and SNL's This Is Us parody was a very emotional look at President Donald Trump's White House. The sketch used the same music and look of This Is Us for a brand-new NBC drama series sure to tug at your heartstrings: This Is U.S.

Brown plays Randall Pearson on This Is Us, but in the SNL parody, the two-time Emmy-winning actor took on the role of Dr. Ben Carson. The sketch did not feature any of the beloved Pearson family and instead, it focused on the many personalities of the Trump White House. As the parody's narrator says, “The real life drama happening in our government every day. The show critics are calling, ‘Like This Is Us, but without the parts that feel good." Wow.

In the sketch, Brown's Carson expresses his insecurities about leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders feels guilt in the press room (via some sticky notes), and Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway laments the fact that she is unable to cry (“No, can't cry. I have nothing in me," she says). The narrator says in the parody, "Millions of Americans have tuned in to the show that's captivating a nation... so unnerving you can't look away."

Of course, there are many references in the sketch to This Is Us. For instance, Sanders has several urns belonging to departed members of Trump's administration, such as former Communications Directors Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, and Hope Hicks. The parody's narrator called these "loving tributes to the many, many people we lost." This is a reference to how Kate Pearson is the keeper of her deceased father Jack's urn on This Is Us.


Remember how Kate pulled away sticky notes on a food item in her fridge in the This Is Us pilot? Well, Sanders channels this moment in the sketch, too. One note says, "Stop lying, Sarah." The next one reads: "Seriously, what are you doing?"


Carson's anxiety about his job could be a reference to Randall Pearson's anxiety on This Is Us. Pete Davidson's Jared Kushner seems to take on the role of Kevin Pearson. Davidson's Kushner appears in the sketch shirtless, drinking liquor, and asking the United Arab Emirates for $800 billion.

The parody's narrator promises that the show has "hella crying," and at that point, every person bursts into tears (except for Conway). As This Is Us fans know too well, the drama series has a reputation for making fans cry happy and sad tears during almost every episode.

This wasn't the first reference to the hit NBC drama series during Brown's SNL hosting stint. Brown's SNL monologue showed the Emmy winner getting emotional at the fact that he was hosting the sketch comedy series for the first time. "I mean, how lucky am I to be here?" he tells the audience, while on the verge of tears. He also jokingly revealed that his middle initial K. stands for Kathleen. At one point, Brown tells the audience that he thinks of Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, who play his parents on This Is Us, as his "momma and poppa."

You can check out some of the This Is U.S. sketch in the video below. See if you can spot any other This Is Us character references.

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Who knew the Trump White House and NBC's hit drama series featuring a beloved family could have so much in common?