SolaLook's 'Dirty Dancing' Palette Will Make You Yearn For The '80s — PHOTO

No one puts Baby in the corner! That's pretty much a universal truth of '80s pop culture. SolaLook is following last year's killer Flashdance-inspired eyeshadow palette with more (and perhaps even better) '80s film-influenced makeup. The brand could veritably be one-upping itself.

The SolaLook Dirty Dancing eyeshadow palette looks like it will be everything, thanks to the teases the indie brand has been dropping on its Instagram.

The palette is launching soon — the exact date will be revealed shortly— in conjunction with the definitive movie's 30th anniversary. It will have you yearning for the '80s and wanting to do a movie and makeup night with your besties. I mean, what could be more fun than quoting Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey aka Johnny and Baby while playing with eyeshadows?!

The brand teased the packaging, along with a swatched shade. It's a hot pink called "I Carried A Watermelon," which the fans will instantly recognize as a film reference, because duh!

Bustle reached out to SolaLook for more details.

That said, this is one palette I cannot wait for. I love that bubbling under brand has teamed up with a blockbuster, beloved film and has translated key elements into a palette.

Let's peep the teases, shall we? It'll have you reaching for a can of hairspray. OK, not really.

OMG, right? I am instantly transported to my youth just by looking at the packaging. You can subscribe for email updates on the palette via the SolaLook site.

Makeup is transformative. You can use products to enhance or temporarily change your features. It's creative and fun. But here's another way that cosmetics are transformative. These teases are capable of carrying me away to a simpler time in my life!

This was an early tease from last year. Did any of these shades make the final cut? We shall see. The palette likely won't be retro! I am expecting a modernized take on a classic.

ICYMI: The Flashdance palette boasts four XL pans of matte shadows, named after key characters in the film. I have it, love it,and use it often! It's still available for $32.

Images: SolaLook/Instagram (4)