Behold The 'Flashdance' x Sola Look Eye Palette

'80s pop culture nostalgia is always welcome in my life. I love reliving eras gone by, especially with beauty and fashion, which are always cyclical. The '90s are way in vogue, with chokers, Docs, and matte lips resurging. But the Flashdance x Sola Look Eyeshadow Palette brings the '80s to the forefront again. While the dance film came out 33 years ago, who isn't still blown away by that iconic image of actress Jennifer Beals, who played Alex, a welder-by-day, dancer-by-night, on the DVD box cover? With her oversized, off-the-shoulder gray sweatshirt, red heels, legs for days, pile of curls, and wide-eyed, wonder-filled stare, she was unforgettable.

What's in the Flashdance palette, what's the color story, and when is it out? How much does it cost? I have answers to all of those burning questions.

A Sola Look rep reached out to the Bustle to tip us off to this palette. Here's the intel. The brand, which recently released an amazing matte liquid lippie with digital influencer and Cryptic Cosmetics founder Depechegurl, has partnered with Paramount to create the Flashdance palette. It will be available for purchase via the Sola Look site on Sept. 20 at midnight.

Observe the sneak peek of the packaging.

The Flashdance palette will boast four large pans of matte eyeshadow which were inspired by the blue collar vibe of the film and the steel factories of its Pittsburgh location. The Flashdance x Sola Look shadow palette will cost $32.

Flashdance DVD, $5.97,

It's one of the most enduring images of the '80s and it's about time that a beauty brand — and an indie one, at that — has mined Beals' character, the film, and the setting for influence.

Let me pause for a second to point out how incredible that is. Usually, makeup and brands take inspo and influence from pretty, obvious, and expected sources. To be inspired by steel factories in an industrial setting? How unpredictable and creative! Big ups to Sola Look Cosmetics for crafting this palette.

We'll share more details and photos of the shadows once we get them. But this news should get you excited for this bound-to-be-stunning palette.

In case you are not super familiar with Sola Look, let's remedy that. Check out their Depechegurl matte liquid lippie. I wear it all the time because it's rad, long-lasting, and smells like vanilla cupcakes. I expect the same sort of awesome from the Flashdance-inspo shadows.

Images: Courtesy of Sola Look (2); Amazon (1)