Solange's Got Hives On Her Wedding Day & Fans Are Loving Her Selfie Realness

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a fan of heavy filters and pre-planed Instagram posses, this post might just change your mind. Solange recently posted a photo of herself with hives after a wedding day mishap, and called it her favorite selfie. Really. Fans can't get enough of the photo and are giving her major kudos for her realness. Get ready to add this to your already long list of reasons you love the singer.

Think of your favorite Instagram photo on your feed. It probably involves a great destination, gorgeous outfit, or fun event. Right? Well, not this solange snapshot. Changing it up from her typical, flawless Instagram selfies, the singer posted a photo of herself with hives after an allergic reaction to shellfish. Although she calls it her "favorite and most true selfie," the photo shows her face covered in bumps and welts.

Oddly enough, even with the allergic reactions she still looks absolutely gorgeous. She's rocking minimal makeup and a bright red lip in the photo.

Note to self: if allergic reaction comes, make sure there's bright red lipstick on hand. Because this girl looks like she could take on the world — hives and all.

Fans are loving how open and honest Solange is about her skin issues. They're not just praising her of her openness though — they relate with her as well.

Here's what people are saying about the photo, because odds are you feel the exact same way.

Kudos to Solange.


Now this is a role model.

Not just anyone would post a selfie like this.


Serving the look, Solange, even with hives.

All caps is necessary.

So much love for self-love! Thanks, Solange, for a needed dose of realness.