Sam Smith’s New Album Speaks To Anyone Who’s Been Through A Crappy Breakup

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Sam Smith's album, The Thrill of It All, is finally here. Unsurprisingly, the record is filled with powerful songs that will make you feel all kinds of emotions, but, in particular, there are several songs on Sam Smith's new album that are helpful for a breakup. There's no better way to mend a broken heart or move on from someone who was never worthy of your time, energy, or love than by listening to music. Thankfully, you can look to Smith and his sophomore album for just that.

While chatting with NME, Smith said he went through a breakup last year, which inspired this album. "I was out gay-clubbing three or four times a week, smoking and drinking too much, giving my heart away a bit too easily," he revealed. "It was fun — it was super-fun — but it wasn’t me. I didn’t feel like I was treating myself with a lot of respect at that time. It was all because I broke up with a guy."

For him, creating his sophomore album wasn't easy, because he opened up his heart and faced all of the darkness he encountered over the past year. "I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be as personal again in music, because I really had to go to a weird place to get the music out," he said. "I was in a bit of a dark place. I just didn’t really like myself that much when I was making this record. But I’m starting to be happier now."

When the 25-year-old British singer/songwriter released "Too Good at Goodbyes" in September, it was clear that his new music was going to punch fans right in the gut. With lyrics like, "But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry/And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry/And every time you walk out, the less I love you", the Oscar and Golden Globe winner relates to anyone going through a hard relationship.

If you're going through a difficult time romantically, then you need to listen to The Thrill of It All. If you need more convincing, here are the songs from the album that might not make a breakup completely better, but will definitely help.

"Too Good At Goodbyes"

This is the one song to listen to you if you're not in the greatest relationship and you need out. Or, if you ever experienced a bad relationship in the past, then it's also for you. The following lyrics hit the nail on the head of a relationship that shouldn't even be one in the first place:

"I’m never going to let you close to me/Even though you mean the most to me/'Cause every time I open up it hurts/So I’m never going to get too close to you/Even when I mean the most to you/In case you go and leave me in the dirt"

"One Last Song"

A lot of the songs on this album are slower, so if you're in the mood something with more of a beat, this is for you. Not all breakup songs have to be slow and depressing, which Smith demonstrates here.

As Smith sings,

"When it was good it was bittersweet honey/You made me sad ‘till I loved the shade of blue/I know you don’t want to talk to me/So this is what I will do/Maybe you’re listening/So here’s one last song for you".

Sometimes after breaking up you need closure and Smith gets that.

"Midnight Train"

"I choose me" are the first three words Smith sings in this song, and it's so powerful. It can sometimes be the hardest thing to say, but as soon as Smith sings exactly that it will empower anyone to be selfish — in a good way. When you're not getting what you need from someone or your partner is taking rather than giving, then it's probably best to walk away. Sometimes it's OK to be selfish, especially in love and that's what Smith sings about here:

"I choose me/And I know that’s selfish love/You are a dream/And I can’t thank you enough/But I give another piece of me away/Every waking day that I’m with you"

"Baby, You Make Me Crazy"

Don't you just hate it when you fall for someone who turns out to be just awful? And it's even worse if they end things with you in an offensive way. Enter Smith's "Baby, You Make Me Crazy." If you really want more of an upbeat breakup song from Smith, this is it. It will make you want to go out with your friends and have a great time.

First, there are these lyrics:

"It would have meant so much/If you’d looked me in the eye/Why do I always fall for the ones who have no courage?/I must see some kind of beauty in their eyes"

Then, he also sings this:

"So I’m gonna play my favorite rhythm/Got to get you out my system/I would do anything to keep you off my mind/I’m gonna have to call my sisters/Be around the ones who listen/Anything to drown you out tonight"

There is nothing better than hanging with your friends after a bad breakup.


This is the one song on the album where Smith's passion and emotions come out the most — and probably because of the song's meaning. Many times when you split from someone, you don't want to leave them. Breakups can be really hard and you would do anything to have just one more day with that person. He totally understands that exact feeling:

"If you ever called/I would run straight back/Give you my forgiveness/And the shirt off my back/No friends to turn to/Yeah I messed up that/Wish we could smoke again just for a day"

"No Peace"

In this song, he sings,

"I used to find comfort in your arms/Caught up in the wonder of your charms/I’ll cry for you, I’ll cry for you/I’d lie for you, I’d lie for you/But I don’t even know you anymore".

Raise your hand if you've felt this way before. Relationships can be super hard, including the ones where your partner changes so much that you don't even recognize them. Then, you start to wonder if you should even be with them anymore.


Let's talk about when Smith sings,

"And I know we’ll both move on/You’ll forgive what I did wrong/They will love the better you/But I still own the ghost of you".

You can move on from your significant other, but that doesn't always mean they're completely gone. In a sense, and like Smith sings, you'll "own the ghost" of them, which could either be a good or bad thing, depending on the circumstances of the breakup.

This song will really make you feel things as soon as you hear him sing, "But real love is never a waste of time." He sounds a bit sad, but also thankful for the love he's experienced. As hard as it is to look back on old relationships, they can shape you in positive ways.

"Nothing Left For You"

Here are some lyrics that will probably hit home for many. In it, Smith slowly sings,

"‘Cause I gave my heart to a goddamn fool/I gave him everything/Now there’s nothing left for you"

Sometimes you give so much of your heart to one person that there's nothing left to give to a future partner — or you just need time to heal and find yourself again.

What makes this song so great is when the choir comes on (around the :50-second mark) and smacks you right in the face. Their voices add to what is already a striking song.

"The Thrill Of It All"

Like Smith sings,

"I guess I got lost in the moment/I guess I got lost in the fall/I guess I got lost in your heartbeat/In the thrill of it all".

This most certainly speaks to anyone who has gotten so swept up in a romance only to learn that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be — or that you knew it would soon come to end, but you just couldn't see past your own passion for that person.

Leave it to Sam Smith to master the breakup song perfectly — and to come to the aid of those who are desperately in need of one.