Sam Smith’s “Too Good At Goodbyes” Lyrics Are The Wake-Up Call You Need To Get Out Of A Bad Relationship


You guys, the wait is finally over. After two long years out of the spotlight, Sam Smith dropped a new single called "Too Good At Goodbyes," and it's seriously awesome. The melody, the tempo, Smith's vocals — all on point. And as it turns out, the poignant "Too Good At Goodbyes" lyrics could prove to be just the thing you need to get out of a toxic relationship. In fact, Smith explained to Billboard that the song is about his own personal struggles in a relationship, saying it's "basically about getting good at getting dumped." After experiencing hindering vocal chord injury in 2015, Smith also revealed that his latest composition "sets the tone of what is to come.”

“Too Good At Goodbyes” message kicks off right in verse one with a reminder that Smith is no longer here for the games within his relationship. In the ultimate clapback at his lover's antics, he sings,

As the pre-chorus enters, Smith then pledges to distance himself from his significant other out of fear that he'll get hurt again.

The song moves along with Smith offering a reminder of the emotional walls that he's built throughout all the dramatics.

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You can almost feel the hurt turn to anger as the moving song progresses.

And during the chorus, Smith discusses being experienced in protecting his feelings. He belts out,

In verse two, he goes on to explain his reason for being so callous and speaks of protecting himself from the pain:

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After that brief explanation of his actions, Smith returns to the emotional pre-chorus.

As the song begins to close, he circles back to the chorus promising, once again, that he's done with the drama and refuses to shed tears about it. He croons,

The bridge of the song ultimately brings the tune to complete closure as Smith winds down with a series of reminders that he's completely over it:

That damn Sam Smith... he really knows how to get you in your feelings, doesn't he? If this is any indication of what's to come from the British singer's upcoming album, fans are absolutely, positively, 100% here. for. it. Just be prepared to pull out your tissues, because "Too Good At Goodbyes" is gearing up to become the breakup anthem of fall 2017.