Sorry, But These Sex Toys Are Better Than A Partner

Sometimes you are in the mood for the gentle embrace of the one you love. Other times, you just want to get off. If you are after the latter, these sex toys are even better than a partner, and can probably even get you off a lot faster.

For some, orgasms can be difficult to reach during intercourse, especially if you are relying on someone else to bring you there. But taking control with a sex toy can help — after all, there are few people who know your body as well as you do. If you would prefer external to internal stimulation, that’s totally cool with your sex toys. Maybe you want to focus on your clit and absolutely nothing else? Your vibrator is there to oblige. The only job of sex toys is to give you pleasure — and they do the job very well. And let's not forget, sex toys provide an insane array of sensations that the human body often can’t replicate. Honestly, I don’t want my partner to start vibrating via bluetooth. But a toy? Why not!

So, if you would like an orgasm with no partner required, check out this list of genius toys to start.