Sorry, But These Sex Toys Are Better Than A Partner

Sometimes you are in the mood for the gentle embrace of the one you love. Other times, you just want to get off. If you are after the latter, these sex toys are even better than a partner, and can probably even get you off a lot faster.

For some, orgasms can be difficult to reach during intercourse, especially if you are relying on someone else to bring you there. But taking control with a sex toy can help — after all, there are few people who know your body as well as you do. If you would prefer external to internal stimulation, that’s totally cool with your sex toys. Maybe you want to focus on your clit and absolutely nothing else? Your vibrator is there to oblige. The only job of sex toys is to give you pleasure — and they do the job very well. And let's not forget, sex toys provide an insane array of sensations that the human body often can’t replicate. Honestly, I don’t want my partner to start vibrating via bluetooth. But a toy? Why not!

So, if you would like an orgasm with no partner required, check out this list of genius toys to start.

1A Flexible Vibrator With An Added Attachment


Svakom Mini Emma Rechargeable Wand Massager, $36, Amazon

This vibrator might be everything you need in a tiny package. The wand is completely made of body-safe silicone, so it's soft to the touch, 100 percent waterproof, and easy to clean. With different modes of vibration from teasing to strong, you're sure to find a setting you love. Plus, it comes with a "deer" attachment for additional clitoral stimulation. One reviewer writes: "It didn't take me long to reach orgasm with this. And as soon as I did, I wanted to use it over and over again! The most amazing part though is that it is almost silent yet so powerful."

2A Magic Wand In A Smaller Package


Maison Vesta Cordless Waterproof Mini Wand Massager, $33, Amazon

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the grandmother of famous vibrators, but it's pretty big and usually needs to be plugged in to work its magic. Now, you can get all that power in this cordless mini wand. It's completely waterproof and has eight speeds and 20 different pulsing powers. You won't have to worry about batteries, since this is rechargeable via USB, so you can use it over and over.

3A Tongue-Shaped Teaser For Focused Sensation


Svakom Echo Mini Rechargeable Luxury Clitoral Vibrator, $40, Amazon

This tongue-shaped clitoral vibrator is made for excellent clit stimulation, and it really works. One user wrote: "After reading all the positive reviews on here, I decided to try this beauty out for myself. I can safely say it is the best vibrator I have ever bought! And the cheapest! I'm a huge fan of oral sex and, whilst the vibrator doesn't feel like an actual tongue as such, it gives you similar, if not better, sensations!"

4A Vibrator With Thrusting Power


Mannuo Heating Thrusting Rotating Vibrator, $30, Amazon

This vibrator heats up, rotates, vibrates, and thrusts. Plus, it has a silicone stimulator for your clit. It's soft and made to feel like skin, is completely waterproof, and is also made to stimulate different parts of your body at the same time for a more intense orgasm.

5An Attachment To Add More Excitement To Your Favorite Vibe


Wand Pals Tri Buzz Clitoral Wand Attachment, $13, Amazon

Maybe this looks like some kind of scary, alien face, but it feels amazing. This attachment is a great way to add some extra fun to a regular wand. You have three different textures to choose from to add new life to your solo play — and a feature that's described as a "clitoral cocoon." Plus, it's easily removable if you want a classic wand experience.

6A Vibe With Three Times The Fun


Intimate Melody Lana 3 In 1 Bullet, $38, Amazon

I love a bargain and I love orgasms, so this vibrator really has it all. You get three silicone heads that easily attach to an included vibrating wand. Each attachment gives a completely different sensation to suit any mood. One user wrote: "Let me start with two words, 'Orgasmically Magnificent!'" It can also be used for nipple or anal play.

7A Masturbator With Extra Suction


Tenga Original Vacuum Cup, $10, Amazon

If you have a penis and you're interested in a toy that creates an intense sucking sensation, give this cup a try. It's called a vacuum cup, but it's obviously not going to clean your house. Instead, it's pre-lubricated and specially designed to simulate sucking. One user wrote: "It feels like the real thing but better!!!" It comes already lubricated, too.

8A 10-Speed Vibrator That's A Best Seller


UTIMI Upgrade Silicone 10 Speed Vibrator, $20, Amazon

If you're new to the world of vibrators, why not try this extremely popular option? This vibe has 10 speeds, so you can have it as hard or soft as you like. Then, the insertable wand is covered in body-safe silicone with an extra arm for perfect clitoral stimulation. Best of all, this is often the number one best selling vibrator on Amazon.

9A Powerful Vibe For The Prostate


Lesige Vibrating Prostate Massager, $28, Amazon

If you're looking for an anal toy, you'll likely love this vibrator. It's really strong and comes with 10 vibration modes you can change via remote control. It's waterproof (IPX7 rating), so you can use it in the bath with no problems. It's also free of latex and can be charged with a USB.

10The No-Touch Vibrator That Uses Air


Womanizer Pro40 Sensual Pleasure Enhancer, $89, Amazon

The pressure of a vibrator can be too much for a lot of people, so if you're extra sensitive, this toy might be the answer. It sends vibrations through the air to stimulate the clitoris. So, you get a vibrating feeling without the toy actually touching you. You don't have to worry about overstimulation or cleaning, since the toy never actually makes contact. One user wrote: "Jesus H. Christ on a biscuit. This thing is beyond words."

11A Masturbation Cup That Looks Like It Comes From The Future


Utimi Hands Free Rechargeable Masturbation Cup, $60, Amazon

This looks like it's either some time capsule from the future or it's made to hold a serum that will one day save humanity. In reality, this cup is used for self-pleasure. The adhesive base can be installed anywhere, and the interior is full of soft, elastic material that creates a great sensation. Oh, it also thrusts and rotates to simulate a number of sex positions. This might replace humans one day.

12A Hands-Free Vibe With Customized Sensations


Lovense Lush Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator, $119, Amazon

Since we use our phones for practically everything, why not use it to get off, too? This vibrator connects to your cell via bluetooth, where you can create custom vibration patterns and control your device. Or, have the vibe sync up to your favorite song. Plus, this toy can be used totally hands-free.

13A Powerful Vibe Perfect For Your G-Spot


Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator, $18, Amazon

The G-spot is real and it's amazing. But getting to it through intercourse can feel impossible. Instead, try this ergonomically designed vibrator that will hit the G-spot every time. You get 10 types of vibration and it's USB rechargeable for future use. Plus, the silicone is completely safe and easy to wash. One user wrote: "Love, love, love!!! This product certainly does the job. It's so much better than my silver bullet and it is capable of giving you orgasms in two different areas at the same time!!! I definitely recommend it."

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