These 'Mean Girls'-Inspired Lashes Will Have You Channeling Your Inner Regina George

It's been nearly 14 years since Mean Girls was released, and we just can't seem to be able to let the amazing movie go. From anxiously waiting until October 3rd to post the meme of Aaron asking Cady what date it is, to racing to buy eyeshadow palettes that look like the Burn Book, the obsession is still very much alive and well. And with Spectrum Collections launching a collection of Mean Girls faux eyelashes, we now have the chance to bring our favorite movie into our cosmetics drawers. Imagine getting to have lashes as rich as Regina George's. Dreams really do come true.

If Spectrum sounds familiar, you might remember their Mean Girls makeup brush set launch earlier this year. Creating 10 vegan and cruelty-free pink brushes, you were given the option to either buy the brush set alone in a pouch, or inside a giant pink Burn Book case. Owning the Burn Book would make you feel like you're part of the Plastics, so it was money well spent. But while the foundation and eyeshadow brushes were amazing, that wasn't enough for the mean girls inside of us. And catering to that Regina George-esque pull, Spectrum launched long, feathery lashes that will help you stand out at your upcoming holiday party. You might even get the urge to do a quick costume change and sing "Jingle Bell Rock" while wearing them — it's hard to say what kind of bad influence they will have on you.

The brand is offering three different styles based off of the iconic cool girl trio, honoring Regina George, Gretchen Weiners, and Karen Smith. Which means Cady still can't sit with them. She tried. It's impossible to become a member, no matter how hard you play by the rules. Check out the options below and see which one represents you most.

Regina George Lashes

Regina False Lashes, $12, Spectrum

Since there are three options in the collection, you can expect different lengths and thickness for each pair of faux-lashes. But the hilarious part is, that depending how far up the girl is in the high school food chain, that's how dramatic her lashes are. Since Regina George is the residing queen, her vegan silk lashes are the longest and richest, allowing you to create a dramatic makeup look.

"Lashes that are so fetch we can't help that they're so popular!" Spectrum wrote in their product detail. You'll be hard pressed to correct them.

Gretchen Weiners Lashes

Gretchen False Lashes, $12, Spectrum

You'll definitely be tempted to call these lashes "fetch." They are a little smaller than George's, but still give plenty of oomph. The product detail shares that the lashes are "so big they could be full of secrets," giving you a look that's perfect for any second-in-command.

Karen Smith's Lashes

Karen False Lashes, $12, Spectrum

These are the most natural looking in the collection, where the lashes are feathery and light, and are meant to give you length and curl. Be warned, though: While wearing them you might get ESPN.

Buy All Three

The Plastics Lash Bundle, $30, Spectrum

If you can't decide which one you want to wear, you can always get the bundled set and purchase all three. This gives you a six dollar discount than if you bought each one separately, so it's a nice little deal. And this way, you don't have to limit yourself to just one mean girl. You can be all three.

If you have ever wanted to be apart of the Plastics, these faux lashes are your chance.