Spotify’s Cosmic Horoscope Playlists For April 2019 Are Out, So You Can Jam To Your Sign’s Vibe


A new month has started and with it comes a new set of horoscopes to pore over. Because figuring out your life for the next month deserves a soundtrack, Spotify’s Cosmic Playlists for April have also just arrived. They come complete with your sign’s monthly horoscope and an hour or so corresponding bops.

Spotify partnered with celebrity astrologer Chani Nicholas to create their Cosmic Playlists, which can be found under the Pop Culture page on the platform. “You can use them for inspiration, reflection, or for your own personal dance party. It’s a collection of theme songs for your month, astrologically speaking,” as Nicholas explains on her website. When you click a zodiac sign’s playlist the mobile app, a paragraph-long horoscope for the month pops up. So, you have an actual horoscope to accompany your musical one.

Regardless of how you feel about the zodiac and whether you sign rings true to you — ignoring your sign is such a Taurus thing to do — you have been blessed with twelve playlists worth of jams. Please celebrate accordingly. Use it as an excuse to indulge in your astrological sign. Immediately see what song’s are on your crush’s sign’s playlist. (You were already going to do it — I’m just giving you permission.) Dance to your little zodiac heart’s content.