Spotify Debuts A Weather-Triggered Song Release

by S. Atkinson
Rahav Segev/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You never thought the moment would come when you'd be hoping and wishing for rainfall. And yet the moment has arrived. Why? Well, because Spotify has premiered a weather-triggered song release, and, unless you're based in somewhere in the U.S. where it's raining, you won't be able to stream White Denim's "No Nee Ta Slode Aln." So what songs should you stream if "No Nee Ta Slode Aln" isn’t streaming in your area? We'll get there in a second, but, first, a little background.

This incredibly futuristic release hasn't come completely out of nowhere; it's part of a collaboration between Spotify and outdoor store The North Face (as a way of marketing The North Face's new rain jacket, the Apex Flex GTX) and it makes use of Spotify's geotargeting software to figure out where to release the song.

Which is incredibly cool — unless you're located somewhere where it's not raining, because then you've got exactly the same amount of FOMO as that time when all your friends got invited to a party and you got left off the invite list. Sure, admittedly, the song features in the commercial for the jacket, but that's only 30 seconds. You want a full three minutes of weather-related music. Worry not. First, head to your nearest window. Second, look out at the sky. Third, consult the list below for your go-to weather song.

It's Sunny Where You Are: "Mr Blue Sky" By Electric Light Orchestra

Surely there's just one obvious choice for sunny weather? This song will ensure that your mood perfectly matches the weather in just over five minutes, because Electric Light Orchestra aren't a band. They're cutting-edge music scientists who have managed to find a formula for the audio equivalent of happiness. Pop music doesn't get much better than this.

It's Snowing Where You Are: "Warm In The Winter" By Glass Candy

OK, it's not winter, but if it's snowing where you are then it sure feels like it. Glass Candy's spikily melodic take on everyone's least favorite season will make you glad it's still icy cold where you are. Since it's basically impossible to resist dancing to this song, you'll be toasty warm by the track's close.

It's Cloudy But It Still Isn't Raining: "Get Off My Cloud" By The Rolling Stones

Has there ever been a more glorious song penned about clouds? I think not. Warning, it's a total earworm and its chorus will be stuck in your brain for the rest of time, which is possibly the only thing more irritating than headache-inducing low clouds.

It's Foggy: "Fog" By Radiohead

One of those songs that somehow never found the same popularity as something like "Karma Police" or "Creep," it's nonetheless a solid Radiohead hit. Chugging drums and growing reverb evoke the thickness of the fog.

So, please don't despair. While the lack of rain in your area might result in you being musically deprived for now, please enjoy the richness of other weather-related music out there.