Spray-On Sunscreen Booths Could Actually Make Applying Sunscreen Fun

Applying sunscreen isn't exactly fun. It's not creative, like crafting a fierce purple smoky eye or contoured lines. It's thick, takes time to rub into your skin, and gets messy. Even so, sunscreen is a necessity and I don't go out into the blazing hot day without it.

But there is good news in the boring sunblock game. They're called spray-on sunscreen booths. Are these SnappyScreen sunscreen booths coming to a beach near you soon? One can only hope.

According to Allure, SnappyScreen booths are currently only installed poolside at select hotels. But the booths are hands-free, offer several SPF levels, and will make your sunscreen takes less than half-a-minute to apply. We're talking 10 seconds.

SnappyScreen booths are like spray tan booths. You step in and your sunscreen is applied in the same manner. If you feel like a 10-second application isn't sufficient, well, you can always hop into the booth for an additional coating.

They are not free, though. Allure notes that SnappyScreen takes credit cards and even has refillable cards for a small fee.

The booths look like cool and futuristic pods, and they serve an important purpose -- to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

News of the innovation got me thinking about how important a commitment to sunscreen is, and how these stations can make it fun and viral. I wear SPF on my face daily, whether it's 5 degrees or 95 degrees out. But I know I'm a rarity.

If you forgot your sunblock or want additional layers, a SnappyScreen booth could be a skin-saver.

But here's my idea on how to make these babies go wild. Much like how Instagramming pics of yourself wearing sheet mask has become a part of the skincare culture, I could see the same happening with SnappyScreen sessions. It's a totally 'gram-worthy process. Futuristic, fast, and fundamental.