2017 Spring Break Ideas That Aren't The Beach

When it comes to Spring Break, many have a similar process: Book a plane ticket, and head to the nearest beach. It's the quintessential way to spend Spring Break — but for some (actually, I think for a lot of people) partying on the beach doesn't exactly sound like a fun time. So for those who want to avoid it, what are some Spring Break ideas for 2017?

You see, I actually grew up on and around the beach. Although I love having my toes in the sand and the sun on my face, I'm partial to the one beach I love going to: home. I've ventured to other beaches on different trips before, but it really never is the same as my own backyard. The beach is for my summers back at home, but for spring break, I want to take an adventure elsewhere.

I'm one who absolutely loves to travel - so some of these ideas have already been tested and attempted by me! Others I have on my travel list that I'm hoping to try in the near future. So if you saved up money and are hoping for a different type of escape this Spring Break, here are a few ideas to try.

Check Out The Music Scene In Nashville, Tenn.

Numerous musical artists start their career in Nashville, so it’s the perfect place to find the up-and-coming musicians to impress your friends with when you get back from break.

Hiking At The Grand Canyon

If you’re a fitness buff who wants an adventurous experience (but would hate to be in the cold, Colorado weather), find some trails around this national park in Arizona and get a glimpse of the famous Grand Canyon!

Wine Tasting In Napa, Calif.

Looking for a more sophisticated way to get your drink on this Spring Break? There are hundreds of wineries and vineyards around wine country in California for you to explore. For a bougie experience, you should try some tastings in Napa Valley, but for a smaller and homier feel, check out the wineries in Calistoga.

See The Cherry Blossoms In Washington D.C.

Although the exact blooming date of the famous cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. is unknown, they start to take form sometime around the end of March or early April. If your spring break falls around this time – take that tour of the nation’s capital that you’ve always wanted to go on, and get some beautiful Insta-shots of those cherry blossoms overlooking Lincoln’s memorial.

Get weird in Austin, Texas

Keep Austin weird this Spring Break by taking a trip down to Texas and getting a glimpse of this unique Texas scene.

Road Trip Through North Carolina

North Carolina is home to some pretty great cities, so why not take a road trip through the states? Hit up Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh, Greensboro, and more!

Historical Tour In Boston, Mass.

Boston is a quaint city with so much history to explore. If you’re OK with not being around warmer weather, then take a trip to Boston! Grab lunch at Quincy Market and learn about all of the history that took place in that little city.

Shows In New York City

Again, if you’re not looking for an escape to warmer weather, take advantage of this non-tourist season by hanging in New York City. Plan to see a few shows (I mean, there’s always something going on here), and brunch hard like a real New Yorker.

Harry Potter World

There’s no reason for you to skip the warm weather just because you’re not a fan of the beach — there’s other wonderful magical places in Florida, too. Like the world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! Sipping butterbeer in the sun certainly sounds like my idea of paradise.

Read In Portland, Ore.

OK I know this one sounds insane, because it means traveling to a place just to read — but think about it. Portland is probably one of the best places to just go chill. It’s a city that has a bookstore that spans an entire block for all of your book-hunting adventures, coffee shops on every corner, and fun restaurants and people to meet. If you’re just looking for a chill hang out scene, Portland is probably your greatest escape.

Go Abroad

If you saved up enough money, then why not take that little trip to Europe you’ve been dreaming about? London? Paris? Rome? Madrid? The world is your oyster!