These Brutal #StableGenius Tweets About Trump Will Make You Laugh & Cry At The Same Time

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It’s safe to say that “stable genius” is the first buzzy phrase of 2018. During a Saturday morning tweetstorm defending his mental capacity, Donald Trump wrote, among other things, that he is “not smart, but genius,” adding that he’s “a very stable genius at that!” The internet quickly started mocking the president using tweets with the hashtag #StableGenius, and the results are pretty hilarious.

The likely trigger for Trump’s series of tweets on Saturday is a segment that aired on Fox & Friends, one of the president’s favorite news shows. In the segment, “Dems make Trump’s mental fitness their new talking point,” the show’s hosts characterized questions about Trump’s mental state as a new fixation of the left. Contributor David Webb dismissed the concerns and said that liberal figures were focusing on the president’s mental state because they need a “new narrative.”

After the segment aired, Trump quickly took to Twitter to defend his intellectual prowess, and thus a #StableGenius was born. Some of the best uses of the hashtag included irreverent horse memes and reminders of what actually qualifies someone as a genius. Since tweeting this morning, Trump has gone silent Twitter — does he know everyone's having fun without him?

You Don't Say ...

It's hard to take Trump's claim as a "stable genius" seriously when there are pictures like this floating around on the internet. This photo was taken during a meeting with world leaders in Manila, when the president botched a simple handshake. The president has become well known for these sorts of gestures — anyone remember his cringeworthy handshake with the Prime Minister of Montenegro?

Joy Reid Couldn't Resist Taking A Crack At It

MSNBC host Joy Reid garnered thousands of retweets with her photo mocking Trump.

A Literal Stable Genius

Writer Larry Sabato took a crack at identifying a real "stable genius" with a GIF of Mr. Ed, a beloved talking horse from an old television show.

What Makes An Actual Genius

Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts reminded Twitter that actual geniuses are humble. At one point in his life, Albert Einstein said, "I am not a genius, I am just curious."

"It Would Be Cause For Concern"

It's hard to imagine such a phrase being uttered among friends before today.

The Real Marks Of A "Stable Genius"

Sadly, Trump has done all of these things at one point or another. Oh, and just for the record: Trump has spent 91 days of his presidency on the golf course so far.

This Is The One We Want

It's hard not to pit former president Barack Obama up against Trump. He had the credentials and experience of a very intelligent person, but always stayed humble when interacting with the public.

Have Brain, Will Travel

Remember the cartoon where the coyote tries to catch up to the road runner? He considered himself a professional genius too.

Who Declared His Genius First?

CNN analyst Michael Weiss re-imagined one of Oscar Wilde's most famous quotes, in which he said, "I have nothing to declare but my genius," upon arriving in New York.

Like, Seriously

It's true that this particular usage of "like" did nothing but reinforce the fact that Trump comes up with this stuff all on his own.

It's Easy To Forget About These Things

In declaring that he was elected as president of the United States on his first try, this #StableGenius forgot one thing — he ran a short-lived campaign back in 2000, as a Reform Party Candidate. Early on into the campaign, he told The New York Times that he built the "best buildings," famously saying, "'While that's real estate and this is politics, are they really so different?''

Trump is probably now discovering that they are — but as a "stable genius," he may never openly admit it.