Stacey Dooley Has Something To Say To People Who Won't Stop Talking About Her Accent

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Stacey Dooley has had a pretty good year. The reporter and TV host was dancing around the living rooms of millions when she competed in Strictly Come Dancing. Just being on the show is good enough, but winning it? It's the icing on the cake of an already very successful career. So basically, yeah, Dooley is killing it right now. But there's one thing that's really grinding her gears. Stacey Dooley is sick of people talking about her accent.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Dooley dropped the not-so-surprising info that she is basically sick of other people going on about her voice. "The obsession with my accent is so f*****g boring," she said.

Dooley pointed out that the media is sadly still one of the worst offenders when it comes to diversity in the workplace, saying: "When you go into current affairs, and the BBC is particularly guilty, it's very middle-class, Oxbridge-educated and male-dominated."

TBH, it's a pretty sad illustration of the world we live in today that people are still so fascinated by a person's accent simply because it's not uber middle class. So good on Dooley for calling it out.

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In her interview, Dooley went on to point out that life is all about seeing from other peoples' point of view:

"But it's refreshing to have different perspectives. It's healthy to surround yourself with people who don’t think the same as you, vote the same as you or read the same papers as you."

Guys, she couldn't have hit the nail on the head any harder.

Dooley went on to say:

"You can either moan about not fitting in, or you can think, 'I'm going to work harder than everyone else and make sure these documentaries are the most watched, so people can’t criticise me.'"

While this is a great attitude to have, it would be totally fair enough if Dooley, or any other people who don't fit the status quo, felt a bit defeated by the whole situation. By the constant scrutiny they get for not adhering to "rules" set by the largely male, largely middle class established news media. Standing out from the crowd can make or break you in certain industries, and showbiz is already tough enough without that added pressure.

Dooley has thankfully see her hard work is pay off, though. As she explained to Cosmopolitan:

"I know I’m not where I am because I’m insanely talented. If you want to do well and you want nice bits, you have to work harder than everyone else for it."

Dooley's hard-hitting documentaries have covered some incredible and harrowing subjects. Ever since the very beginning of her career, when she was a part of a crew of teens who visited sweat shops in India, she has delved into the darker parts of our world.

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She has become so identifiable as an investigative journalist that, when she recently began hosting the hit make-up show Glow Up, some people actually criticised her. To which Dooley obviously responded with two fingers. Guys, it's refusing to stick to what people tell her to do and this no BS attitude that has got Dooley to where she is today. It's also likely to keep her around for a long time to come, and thank goodness for that.