Starbucks Just Dropped Red Velvet Loaf Cake & More Delicious Treats


If it seems like things have been quiet on the Starbucks front lately, know that the brief wait was well worth it: a ton of new items just hit Starbucks' winter menu, including Starbucks' new Red Velvet Loaf Cake. These delicious discoveries come to us all by way of Brand Eating, who noted the changes made to Starbucks' menu on its website. While some menu additions in the past have come with big fanfare, these ones seem to have quietly launched sometime in the last week — that said, they still look as though they are very much worth the usual hype.

First, though, we'll talk about this Red Velvet Loaf Cake situation, because those are four words so beautifully strung together that I want to name a constellation after them. Per the Starbucks website, this new addition joining the ranks of Starbucks' various other loaf cakes is "Delicious vanilla cake swirled with classic red velvet cake, and topped with white chocolaty icing." Per the picture of it also provided on the website, depicting aforementioned swirls in all of their glory, it is the precise Big Cake Energy that we all deserve to take into the rest of 2019.

This loaf cake joins Starbucks' current lineup that also includes the Gingerbread Loaf and Lemon Loaf Cake, in case you're really loaf-ing life right now and want to know how many options you have at your disposal.

If you're looking for something a little more savory, though, Starbucks has added a few other items in the breakfast and lunch departments as well. First and foremost is the beauty that is the Ham & Swiss Panini. I cannot emphasize to you enough just how many synapses in my brain started firing upon reading the description on Starbucks' website: "Ham and Swiss cheese meld with Dijon butter in comforting warmth." Dijon butter? Truly wondering why we didn't headline with that and just call it a Dijon Butter Sandwich, but I respect that other people have un-butter-related priorities to uphold.

Because ham is clearly having a ~moment~ at Starbucks, the chain also added a new sous vide egg bite flavor to the lineup: Ham, Cheddar, and Peppers. This joins the current lineup of Egg White & Red Pepper, Chicken Chorizo Tortilla, and Bacon & Gruyere.


It is also worth mentioning to all my fellow dessert lovers out there that although Red Velvet Loaf Cake is arguably the most romantic dessert to hit Starbucks in recent history, the chain will also be carrying Valentine's Day Cake Pops with little sprinkle hearts on them. Per Starbucks, these are comprised of "rich chocolate cake, coated with chocolaty icing"; per me, these are the perfect thing to get your Galentine, your Valentine, or, most importantly, your own human self.


All of these items should be currently available at your local Starbucks, so keep your eyes peeled on the display case while you're getting your coffee fix — particularly that V-Day cake pop, which likely won't be around for long!