Starbursts Duos Are Coming In 2019 — Here Are All The New Flavor Combos


There are now a couple new entries into the classic argument of "which Starburst flavor is best." Starburst is introducing Starburst Duos, which have two flavors smushed together. But, unfortunately for anyone who wanted to try strawberry and lemon together (without taking a bite out of both and doing your own Starburst surgery), the new Duos are not made up of the classic four flavors of orange, strawberry, lemon, and cherry.

As reported by Delish, a pack of Starburst Duos will include two flavors (of two flavors each): Blue Raspberry and Lemonade, which is blue and yellow, and Strawberry and Watermelon, which is pink and green. These sound like just the sort of thing kids will eat by trying to bite them clean in half and spit-glue back together with another side. I mean, why settle for Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Watermelon, when you can have Raspberry Watermelon or Strawberry Lemonade. The possibilities are endless! (Not really. Mathematically, there is quite a clear limit to the possibilities.)

The Starburst Duos will be released in January, according to Delish. The suggested price for a small pack will be $0.99; a 14 oz. bag will have a suggested price of $3.19.

Mars Wrigley

This is far from the first time Starburst has tried out a new product. In fact, a couple forms of Duos have already been made. According to, in 2008, Starburst introduced GummiBursts. These feature a gummy outer layer that is filled with a syrup. Then, a couple years later, they added GummiBursts Flavor Duos. Unlike with the original Gummi Bursts, with the Flavor Duos, the syrup is a different flavor than the outside gummy.

There's also Starburst Gummies, which were were introduced in 2016 in the classic flavors and in a sour version with the flavors cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon. These are shaped like the normal Starbursts, but are gummies and have no filling, unlike the GummiBursts. You can probably see where this is going, but there are also Gummies Duos. It seems like two-flavors-in-one must have worked out for Starburst seeing as they're trying it all over again.

Starburst has also ridden the millennial pink wave. Of course, people have long though that pink Starbursts are the best ones — They are. Lemon is second, then orange, then cherry — but earlier this year Starburst re-released all-pink packs of the candy along with pink Starburst merch that looks overwhelmingly Instagram-y.

There were also recently spicy Starbursts released. The candies hit shelves at the end of 2017 and are called Starburst Sweet Heat. The flavors are Strawberry Mango, Flamin' Orange, Fiery Watermelon, and Pipin' Pineapple. According to a review of both the Sweet Heat Starbursts and Sweet Heat Skittles on The Impulsive Buy, "It’s a slow burn. You can taste the fruit first and as you chew it kicks in." Sounds... interesting.

So, yeah, regardless of what form or flavor of Starburst you're looking for, you're probably covered. And if you want to try the Starburst Duos, then keep an eye on the candy aisle this winter.