All-Pink Starbursts Are BACK & With A Ton Of Millennial Pink Merch To Boot


Today, the millennial pink clouds have parted in the springtime sky to reveal the best candy-related news a '90s kid could ever receive: All Pink Starbursts are back, and this time with a whole lot more pink fire to boot. Not only can you buy limited edition all-pink packs of Starburst at Target, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, and Walmart (I'm not crying, I just have the majesty of millennial pink candy stuck in my eye), but Starburst has launched a literal merchandise line devoted to the pink Starburst's glorious return. I'm talking t-shirts, denim jackets, neon lights, the whole nine yards. (And naturally, this is launch on a Wednesday — and as we all know, it is law in this country that on WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK.)

You will recall, if you are a faithful candy eater, that we also got a limited edition release of all-pink Starbursts in April 2017; but this launch is next-level compared to that. Not only is there a merch line, but an entire landing page and website devoted to the launch, aptly titled "You Are A Pink Starburst" (caption: "Don't let anyone treat you like a yellow starburst.") This is what both dreams and memes are made of.

On the website, you can purchase all-pink Starbursts packs online, shop the collection, and have the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the good company of other candy enthusiasts who respect The Indisputable Best Starbursts Flavor Ever Known To Humankind.

Ur Sew Cute Shirt, $25, You Are A Pink Starburst

The dreamy collection was a collaboration between Project Runway's Erin Robertson and Starburst, who was an obvious choice both for her mastery of the aesthetic and her love for the candy itself. "When I think of pink STARBURST, I think of living my best life," Robertson said in a press released. "I've always loved pink STARBURST, so I was inspired to create a line that makes you feel fierce, but playful."

That vibe is clearly communicated through the line's pieces, which also pay tribute to the pink starburst meme that is so beloved on Twitter.

"To be referred to as a pink STARBURST is something special, and we continue to see people share the 'I am a pink STARBURST' meme," said Senior Associate Brand Manager for STARBURST Audrey Arbeeny in a press release. "We wanted to bring that reference to life offline for our fans, and what better way to do that than launch a merch line where they can boldly wear it on their sleeves."

Sweet Tooth Denim Jacket, $140, You Are A Pink Starburst

Aside from boldly wearing it on your sleeves, those who want to boldly chew it with their teeth should be warned — when they say limited edition, they mean limited edition. As soon as the supply of limited edition Starbursts packs — which come in 14 oz. laydown bags, 41 oz. stand-up pouches and 2.07 oz single sticks — that is the end of the all-pink game. Or at least, the end of you enjoying all-pink Starbursts without going through the existential agony of picking them all out of the bag yourself, and then finding friends who are willing to eat the remains. (It's hard out here for a candy eater.)


Essentially, there is no better way to kick off the summer than this: a belly full of millennial pink candy, millennial pink swag on your back, and the confidence of knowing that you truly are the Pink Starburst of your own story, and that you should never settle for anyone treating you any less.