'Stath Lets Flats' Is Back With A Brand New Office Rivalry That'll Crack You Up

Jack Barnes/Channel 4

Bafta-nominated sitcom Stath Lets Flats is back for another season. Centring on Greek-Cypriot estate agent Stath and his inability to do his job well, the series has drawn comparisons to The Office and made a star out of actor and writer Jamie Demetriou. But what will season 2 of Stath Lets Flats entail? More dodgy flats? Family-based drama? Another failed office romance?

Switch romance to rivalry and you're spot on. At the end of the first season, Stath's own dad decided not to give him the manager position in the family business. Instead, he awarded the role to his arch rival Julian. “He’s made the office look ridiculous,” Katy Wix, who plays Carole, told the Guardian. “He wants it to look like an Apple store, and the contrast of that and the inadequacy of the people who work there is perfect.”

Along with watching Stath's contention with his underling state, viewers will get to see more of Stath's sister, Sophie, played by Demetriou's real-life sister, Natasia. Previously, there had been a budding romance between Sophie and fellow estate agent Al. But this season explores Sophie's attempts to move to a different career.

The siblings' Greek heritage plays out in myriad ways. "In this series, you see that very Greek thing where people will just rock up at anyone’s house and they’ll let you in," Natasia explained to the Guardian. “That is what our dad does and there’s something so funny about when you do that in England because here there’s a culture when it’s very polite, you book in advance, you pencil in a date.

"But when we were younger, we’d be watching TV on the weekend and then all of a sudden three Greek men show up and just sit in our front room.”

Demetriou, however, is adamant that he didn't write the show with Greek representation first and foremost in his head. "But I’m so happy that I have, because it has reattached me to a culture that I am separated from as a result of living in London," he told the Independent. In fact, in a separate interview with the Guardian, he described his character as "what would have happened if I leant more on my Greek side."

The 31-year-old also noted to Chortle that a few new characters will be introduced later in the season, though he wouldn't reveal what roles they would play. He did admit that his goddaughter, her parents, and his flatmate will make cameos. He also joked about showing the cast of Avengers: Endgame "around a really nice six-bed," telling Chortle: "We needed to get the viewing figures up." (At least, I think he's joking. Only time will tell.)

Jack Barnes/Channel 4

Although Demetriou calls Stath Lets Flats a "lowbrow show," per the Independent, the series cannot help but hint at the ongoing housing crisis. Unprofessional estate agents, flats and houses that are practically unliveable, and ever-rising fees all feed into the characters' lives and livelihoods.

Comedy is the one escape. And the new season is sure to provide plenty of that.

Catch Stath Lets Flats on Mondays at 10 p.m. on Channel 4.