How Stephanie's Song In The 'Fuller House' Finale Ended The Show On The Best Note

Greg Gayne / Netflix

Major spoilers ahead for Fuller House Season 3, Part 2. On the Season 3 finale of Fuller House, Stephanie debuted a new song for the Tanner family while they celebrated the 30-year anniversary of Jesse and Joey moving in with Danny and the girls. The song, entitled "You Bring Me Luck," has lyrics that were meant to be a way for Stephanie to tell her loved ones how much they meant to her, and it certainly did so as she sang and walked around the Smash Club hugging her family and friends.

The short but sweet song has a meaningful chorus that certainly illustrates the journey the TV family has had over the years and especially over the new reincarnation of Fuller House.

You, you bring me luck.
Oh my life has changed so much.
Just when I've nearly given up,
You brought me luck.
You show me love.
You bring me luck.

It's an especially hard-hitting message given what Stephanie's character has endured in recent episodes. She revealed earlier on the show that she was unable to get pregnant, and her family, particularly D.J., rallied around her to support her through those struggles. And, as was revealed in the show's Season 3 finale right after Stephanie concluded her song, it seemed that her luck was about to change.

"So Steph, I kinda did bring you luck," Kimmy says to her as she unzipps her jacket to reveal a "your baby on board" sign on her stomach, confirming that she was successfully acting as a surrogate for her friend.

The song was the perfect backdrop to this plot development, but it's actually not an original song written for Fuller House. "You Bring Me Luck" was written and originally recorded last year by the singer Athena Andreadis, who has a much longer, full version uploaded to her YouTube channel.

It makes sense that the song wasn't written just for Stephanie, because not all of the lyrics fit the situation. Steph also sings:

Never forget, the way that I felt when I met you first.
Nothing was said, but something was there in your smile.
I said hello. You said hello.
Then we talked for awhile.
This is so natural. This is so magical

According to Andreadis' website, she's a London-born Greek artist who has been on the rise lately. She's worked with Grammy winners and other award-winning songwriters, and was even a featured artist on Leonard Cohen's final album, "You Want It Darker," in which she sings the chorus for the track "Traveling Light." She's been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and recently released her first U.S.-recorded album, "Ready for the Sun." Chris Difford of the classic rock band Squeeze, according to her website, said that Andreadis is someone who "writes and sings from the heart. She doesn’t need to be packaged by anyone – she is simply and beautifully her." Fuller House is likely just another stepping stone for the artist, who's already received critical acclaim. She's even been described as by the late Cohen as his favorite Greek singer, according to the Huffington Post.

Andreadis told the Huffington Post in the same article that her new album, which includes the song featured on Fuller House, was about:

"Being ready for the light even in the darkest of places where our hearts have broken and it’s cold, where we have shrunk and dried up and it feels so very small and scary to be exposed, yet knowing, as so many poets — from Rumi to Mary Oliver to Leonard Cohen — have pointed to, that it’s those very cracks, those wounds, where the light enters, the joy too I feel seeing that people are gathering the courage to live in harmony with one another and with our own self within and that ‘peace’ to become the natural, the unquestionable, the mainstream."

It's certainly a great message for Fuller House to be spreading, and one that mirrors the spirit of the show — the entire plot of both the original series and the Netflix revival is that of a family reeling from unspeakable tragedy and coming together to heal. Stephanie closing out the season with this lighthearted yet important song was the perfect final touch.