How 'Fuller House' Is Making Stephanie Exactly Like Uncle Jesse

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Although it wasn't a notable character trait of Aunt Becky in the original series, Lori Loughlin in Fuller House is an example of a stereotypical "baby crazy" woman. Spoilers for Fuller House Season 3 Part 1 follow. In the Season 3 episode, "Maybe Baby," Aunt Becky takes Stephanie to a fertility specialist to see if there's a possibility that she could get pregnant. While Stephanie said she couldn't have kids in Fuller House back in Season 1, the kid-friendly show couldn't help but look into her options. The middle Tanner daughter used to be a party girl, but now that she has settled into the Fuller household with her older sister D.J., she wants to have kids. So she is thrilled to hear from the doctor that it's still a possibility. And with Jimmy offering to be the father, it's feasible that Stephanie and Jimmy could get pregnant on Fuller House in upcoming seasons.

At the fertility doctor, Stephanie finds out that she has a few viable eggs left and if she starts the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process ASAP with a surrogate, she may be able to have a biological child. Of course, the whole family is excited by this news and it seems that Stephanie's evolution into Uncle Jesse counterpart is nearly complete with the chance of her becoming a mother on the table. Even without having a surrogate in mind yet (that will be something for Season 3 Part 2 to tackle ... Michelle, I'm looking at you), Steph started immediately considering sperm donors because she didn't want to pressure her boyfriend Jimmy Gibbler into a lifelong commitment.

However, Jimmy's proclamation on the airplane in the Season 3 Part 1 finale that no one would love Stephanie and her potential baby more than him convinced Stephanie that Jimmy should be her child's father. That most likely means that Season 3 Part 2 will focus on Stephanie and Jimmy's attempts to have a baby. While their IVF attempts could prove unsuccessful — giving a rare, real-life example of disappointment — this is Fuller House. And just like Aunt Becky, this show is baby crazy.

Stephanie and Jimmy's kid would be like when Becky and Jesse had Alex and Nicky on the original Full House. With the Tanner girls growing up, the Katsopolis twins acted as a replacement for the adorable baby factor that Full House shows apparently require. So as Tommy — and even his new cousin Pamela (further proof of baby and kid craziness on this show? Jesse and Joey have kids that are the same age as D.J.'s kids) — grow up and out of toddler stage, Stephanie's child could give Fuller House the continued "awwws" that a baby induces. This "awww" factor is something Full House has included since the very beginning with the Olson twins and has continued to be a feature in Fuller House with Tommy.

Another potential parallel to Jesse that this plot offers is the possibility that Stephanie could have twins. As WebMD notes, in order to increase the likelihood of pregnancy in IVF, sometimes two or three embryos are transferred to the surrogate. This can lead to a multiple pregnancy and with Fuller House loving a full house, it would be totally in character for the show to give Stephanie twins or triplets.

While Stephanie being infertile was a realistic plot point that people could relate to, her potentially having a child through IVF is also relatable and a more hopeful story line that fits in with the spirit of Fuller House. So while Stephanie being the carefree sister was an enjoyable change of pace from the domesticity that dominates this show, expect Fuller House to stick with its family-centric roots by giving fans the Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler baby they didn't even know they wanted, but also really, really did.