Trump's Birthday Gift To Melania Left Stephen Colbert Officially Shook — Here's Why

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/CBS

Thursday, April 26 was Melania Trump's special day, but one late-night TV host thinks her husband missed the mark. That evening during the opening segment of his show, Stephen Colbert slammed Donald Trump's birthday gift to the first lady and threw out his own suggestions for what she should've gotten instead. Though what the president supposedly bought Melania Trump left Colbert completely flabbergasted, it's worth pointing out that maybe the Trumps simply refrain from going "all out" on their birthdays.

The saga began on Thursday morning when the president joined Fox & Friends and claimed to have booked the appearance intentionally on his wife's birthday. That in itself is a bit strange if you think about it, but everyone shows their affection in a different way. When asked about his gift to her, he told the hosts:

Well, I'd rather not get into that 'cause I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn't get her so much. I tell you what, she has done — I got her a beautiful card. You know, I’m very busy to be running out looking for presents, OK! But I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers and she did a fantastic job with France.

After standing speechless for a few split-seconds, Colbert acts completely exasperated and says, "You're a billionaire! You got your wife a card? Do you know what she puts up with? I think she's earned a shopping spree. I'm going to say around $130,000."

The dollar amount Colbert made sure to specify wasn't lost on his audience. In fact, $130,000 happens to be the amount of money Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen paid adult film star and director Stormy Daniels to allegedly keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump. While Cohen has confessed to paying her the money, he has not specified the reason behind the payment. However, as the New York Times reported, Trump has denied knowing anything about the payment and Cohen has repeatedly denied the alleged affair on his behalf. Daniels is currently suing Trump to void a nondisclosure agreement.

As you can imagine, such allegations can put immense strain on a relationship. Even so, Melania Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham called the rumors "salacious gossip" in a tweet posted in March and asked the public to leave Donald and Melania Trump's young son, Barron, out of it.

Colbert's reference to the alleged affair aside, it's also fair to disagree with the host on Donald Trump's gift to his wife. Because the Trumps are billionaires, they can buy anything they want whether it's their birthday or not. For that reason, perhaps a card and flowers were special. Maybe it was more of a "thought that counts" sort of thing. It's impossible to say. What we do know, according to the Daily Caller, is that the first lady chose to lay low for her big day and spend it with family.

It makes sense, especially considering it fell just a couple of days after the first couple hosted an elaborate state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte. White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta let CNN know that "Mrs. Trump selected every item and every detail for the dinner." And that's a pretty big deal. "She has been very focused on the experience of the guests, and wants to ensure they are able to truly enjoy and remember the occasion," her spokeswoman added.

Still, the public just can't stop speculating on the state of Donald and Melania Trump's relationship — especially after she seemed to reject his efforts to hold her hand the day of the state dinner. Now, his admission that he maybe didn't put as much thought into her birthday present as she might have hoped adds to that narrative.