Sterling K. Brown Teases That Toby & Kate’s Wedding On ‘This Is Us’ Might Not Even Happen In The Season 2 Finale — VIDEO

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The upcoming season finale is promising to be an episode fans will love, but it may just destroy them. Audiences have gotten a glimpse of the This Is Us Season 2 finale, which shows Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby's (Chris Sullivan) wedding — and, yes, a life-after-death return of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). But now, Sterling K. Brown hints that Toby and Kate's wedding might not happen after all — and that fans have the full right to be emotional wrecks before the finale even airs on Monday.

"This one's gonna be good," Brown said about the finale while visiting The Tonight Show on Thursday. But then he threw in a tease no one was prepared for. "This doesn't spoil it, but it deals with the nuptials between Kate and Toby and whether they happen or they don't happen..." At that point, the actor took a long pause and raised his eyebrows while the audience gasped.

It seemed like the Pearson family reunion for Kate and Toby's wedding was going to be the ultimate TV event of the year, and now they may not even tie the knot? "I feel like if you don't [cry], you probably don't have a soul," he continued. Wow. This already hurts. Especially since fans were led to believe Kate and Toby were definitely going to get married. Or were they?

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Back in January, EP and co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker told Glamour Kate and Toby's wedding was definitely happening. "I think these are two people that after everything they have been through feel ready to get married," he said. "We’re driving towards a wedding for Kate and Toby by the end of our season." But perhaps fans didn't read between the lines. A wedding was promised, but not an actual exchange of "I do." Maybe fans just jumped to conclusions.

But once the Season 2 finale promo was released, more and more people started becoming skeptical. While the teaser shows Kate walking down the aisle alongside her brothers, Toby at the altar, and a gut-wrenching return of Jack, there are hints that Kate may leave Toby at the altar (as pointed out by Cosmopolitan). One theory is that the wedding in the trailer isn't real life, but a "what if" flash forward, given Jack's appearance.

Further, maybe this version of the wedding is in Kate's imagination, as she wonders what it would be like with her dad there. In the Cosmo piece, author Emma Dibdin proposed the following thought: "After watching Kate’s dream vision of her wedding to Toby, we see the real thing fall apart... I just don’t see a version of this wedding that doesn’t end in disaster." It's possible.

Regardless of whether or not fans like this relationship, Toby and Kate's rough season (including their miscarriage) would be even more crushing with a failed wedding.

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Brown isn't the only cast member who's hinted at the upcoming episode. In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Chris Sullivan teased that fans may experience a mix of happy and sad tears. "You might laugh. People always forget. There’s so many laughs," he said. "Not the sad parts, obviously... but I think it will be a well-balanced episode leaving everybody in a good place."

But what does that mean for Kate and Toby? "Listen, life is full of upsets and downs... And the cycle will constantly go around," he said. "There will be joy, and there will be pain, and I think we’re in an upswing right now."

Whatever happens, hopefully the episode will go somewhat easy on audiences... they can only take so much crying in an hour span.