Steve Harvey Tweets About The Oscars Mix-Up

by Lia Beck
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Methinks Steve Harvey is feeling pretty happy right now. On Sunday night, after a show that had gone fairly smoothly, the Oscars featured what has to be the biggest mix-up in award show history when La La Land was announced as Best Picture, only for moments later it to be revealed that Moonlight actually won. Of course, only one person can come to mind in a moment like this: Broderick Stephen Harvey, award show snafu extraordinaire. Naturally, Steve Harvey has now tweeted about the Oscars mix-up and he seems to be reveling in it.

The former Apollo host wrote early on Monday morning, "Good morning everybody! Went to sleep early last night. So... what I miss?" He also added "#Oscars," which, honestly, I think is overkill and the joke would've played better without, but, hey, at least we have zero doubt about what he's saying.

Harvey followed up this tweet with another, which reads, "Tune in to @SteveHarveyFM at 8 AM ET today for my response to last night's #Oscars. YOU KNOW I have something to say [crying-laughing face emoji]."

Yep, he's taking full advantage of this one, and I don't blame him. Harvey announcing the wrong name at the Miss Universe pageant in 2015 really got people talking, and there was suddenly a ton of focus on Harvey that was all about him messing something up. He has to feel at least a little relieved in this moment that a similar situation has arisen. Plus, obviously, it's great content for his radio show.

The Miss Universe mistake was not only so, so awkward to watch because the winner suddenly become the runner-up and vice verse, but interesting because there's such an intrigue in watching this huge event, that usually sticks to plan, totally screwed up. After watching the Oscars for years, it was seriously jarring seeing the Best Picture category, the biggest category and the very last one of the night, face such an issue.

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We'll have to see what else Harvey has to say once he takes to his radio show, but I have a feeling he's not going to hold back on this one.