Trump's Treasury Secretary Asked A Govt Plane For His Honeymoon & You Bet Twitter Noticed


If you're a multimillionaire working in government, it's probably not the best idea to ask for a military plane for your overseas honeymoon travel. Straightforward though this concept may seem, it was apparently too much for Steve Mnuchin, who, as Trump's Treasury secretary, wanted to use a government plane to take him and his wife to the United Kingdom for their honeymoon.

Mnuchin, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, reportedly submitted the request to use a government plane because he wanted to have a secure way of communicating with the president. This secure connection, if granted, could have cost the public $25,000 an hour, which is the average cost for the Air Force to operate the sort of jet that he requested. Even submitting such a request, though, was so unusual that it prompted an inquiry from the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General.

It also wasn't the best timing for news like this to come out about Mnuchin, as it was only weeks ago that his wife, Louise Linton, insulted an Instagram user for having less money than she and Mnuchin had. Linton did eventually apologize, but not before the whole affair went viral. Well, Mnuchin and Linton are viral on Twitter again — maybe it's just a position they're getting used to.

The "Foreclosure King" At Work Again

Mnuchin oversaw so many foreclosures as the CEO of OneWest Bank that he earned the nickname of "the Foreclosure King." It's not a nickname that he likes, but for some reason, it's sticking.

Draining What, Now?

People like Mnuchin staying around Washington make it pretty hard for the Trump administration to claim that they're draining anything, but maybe that government jet could help.

You'd Think He Could Pay For The First Class Ticket

That's right, Mnuchin's approximate net worth is about $400 million. With that sort of wealth he could practically buy his own airline, let alone his own tickets on a transatlantic flight.

Just A Bit Out Of Touch

In the past, leaders have been guillotined for making such out-of-touch requests. Lucky for Mnuchin, the French Revolution was a long time ago.

I See What You Did There

Really, it depends on what you mean by "worth."

Now, Why Did You Need That Plane?

A list of officials required to travel on government planes, you say? Turns out that this list is public information, so it's pretty clear to anyone who checks it out that the secretary of the Treasury isn't on it.

Good Point

Should a person who thinks it's OK to make a request like this really be making important decisions that will affect the fate of a nation?

Ah, The Hypocrisy

Sure, the Trump administration wants to make shocking budget cuts, but why should that stand in the way of Mnuchin's $25,000 per hour secure line to the president?

It's Not Just Mnuchin Himself

In her Instagram post, Louise Linton made it clear that she thinks that her higher tax contributions mean that she and Mnuchin "sacrifice" more for the country than average taxpayers do. This is, to say the least, a controversial viewpoint.

Don't Insult The Beast That Way

The Beast is just a tortured soul. It's unclear whether Mnuchin has enough soul for him to be even remotely tortured.

That's Not Photoshop

Louise Linton really did play Marie Antoinette once. Perhaps she took the role to heart just a bit too much.

Did You Expect A Drained Swamp To Be Clean?

If Mnuchin is left, I'm a little confused about what was actually drained.

Definitely That

Really, he just wants the best for his lovely wife.

But Then, Why Did He Need The Plane?

Asking his employer to share their resources isn't the best way to show off your independent wealth, right?

Of Course He'd Be That Guy

Why buy paper when you can just take it from your office? Why buy plane tickets when you can just charge it to the American taxpayer?

This Sums It Up

A charitable reading is that he didn't think it through. An uncharitable reading is that he did think it through, and he thought it was OK to make that request. Either is unacceptable.

This One Takes The Cake

"Seriously, how is Congress not demanding this scam artist resign? I know they are spineless stooges, but how bad does it have to get?" the original commenter wrote. But with all of the potential ethics violations swirling around this White House, Mnuchin still managed to think of something worse.

In the end, of course, Mnuchin and Linton didn't get to use a government plane for their honeymoon. Some might say it never hurts to ask, but in Mnuchin's case, it proved the opposite.