Storybook Cosmetics Dropped A Tease That Has Fans Guessing

A burgeoning beauty brand next stops for a break. Storybook Cosmetics creates products and brushes inspired by works of literature for the ultimate in brainy beauty. Storybook Cosmetics teased a new collection and collaboration on social media in the form of three eyeshadow swatches on fingertips. The brand's Wizardry & Witchcraft palette restocked on Memorial Day aka Monday, May 29, along with all of the wand brush sets and the debut of the Bullseye Arrow Brushes.

The restock and brushes are exciting, but what about the future products that were teased?

Let's dive in and see if we can figure it out.

The brand only revealed that these three shades — a pinky purple, a turquoise blue, and a shimmery black — have made the cut. But Storybook didn't go any further in terms of details. It didn't reveal or confirm what collection or collaboration these hues will be a part of it.

But of course Storybook fans and followers have theories about what the collection and/or collab could be.

Storybook also said that it will be revealing news this coming week so if you don't already follow the brand on Instagram — and really, you should be!— throw them a follow so you can be informed.

Here's the tease — all pigmentation and prettiness. The colors have such depth, even in swatch form.

Here's today's awesomeness on sale. Because I had to share it.

Now, here is what fans are speculating regarding the tease and what work of literature and/or pop culture theme might have inspired the shades.

The Hunger Games and Care Bears are prevalent guesses.

Others are hoping it has something to do with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something more modern like Suicide Squad.

Game of Thrones and Star Wars have popped up in wishful thinking ways!

Here are some of the reasons behind the theories. Again, it could be anything. The brand could do something officially licensed or it could just be taking some inspo from literary works. We shall see what they come up with.

Here is where the Care Bears speculation is coming from, BTW.

Swatches from the previous palette show how rich the colors are.