Spooky Storybook Brushes Are Coming

As a fall-o-phile, it's never to soon to start thinking about the autumn season. I even follow a fall countdown site that kicks off the first day of summer. Storybook Cosmetics teased spooky makeup brushes that blow away the brand's long-stemmed rose brushes — you know, the ones with the green handles and the bright red bristles that would look gorg when stored head up in a container on your vanity!

These tools from the literature-inspired brand will get you super excited for the Halloween season and all things fall. Here's why. The brand teased a prototype of the handles. They are matte black with thorns. We haven't been shown what color the heads will be and maybe Storybook is currently figuring that out.

But there is a myriad of autumnal possibilities. Will the bristles be orange, like pumpkin spice? Or could they be black, to pay homage to the cats and the covens of the season? Maybe they'll be white, like ghosts? All of these suggestions are possible and acceptable options, IMO.

We'll have to wait for the reveal of the brush hair colors. That's totally fine, though. The black handles will get you excited enough, especially if fall is your fave season.

In the caption, the brand made effective use of Halloween emojis and even dubbed the Halloween season "the most wonderful time of year."

That's a description usually reserved for Christmas and the winter holidays. But I am going to agree with the Storybook team. Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year.

But fans have theories and suggestions. Boy, do they have theories and suggestions. I love the idea of having these be black roses and therefore monochromatic.

Or maybe they will use the same red hue as the rose brushes? That's a viable color contrast and remains on brand.

Now that's an amazing idea — The Nightmare Before Christmas? That certainly fits the brand's aesthetic.

The excitement radiates from these comments. I think gray like skulls, red like fake blood, and green like Frankenstein are good choices for the brush hair colors, as well.