Storybook's Rose Brush Set Comes With Something Extra

If you love the tools with which you apply your makeup as much as the actual products themselves, then prepare to say #ByeMoney albeit happily so. Storybook Cosmetics' Rose Brushes will be available via pre-sale at 11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT on Friday, May 12. The set features four face brushes with scarlet hairs and shiny green handles that beautifully mimic an actual long-stemmed rose. These brush blooms are works of art, in addition to being fully functional. How much are the Storybook Cosmetic Rose Brushes, which will dose your morning routine with some floral-inspired fun?

The Storybook Cosmetics Rose Brush set costs $55. That shakes out to around $13.75 per tool. Given the craftsmanship and the aesthetic, that price seems beyond fair to me.

But the brush set also comes with something extra special — a matching travel pouch boasting rose graphics and the literary-inspired brand's logo.

So, you get a unique brush set — those crimson heads!— that will prettify your vanity or wherever you store them. And while these are brushes you want to display — how about placing them in a clear glass so they look like an actual flower arrangement?— it's rad to never have to worry about being separated from them, since they can accompany you on any excursion while safely tucked in the pouch.

The bag is super sweet.

But I am totally gawking over that insane attention to detail in the handles, from the leaves to the bumps in the stem. I mean, they look like roses.

You can contour like crazy or apply your powder foundation or blush with these babies. And this Insta image totally provides some inspo for how to store and display the Rose Brushes.

The details are just beyond. Look at the Storybook "S" carved into the leaf. Anyone else besides me think that purchasing these brushes and using them as decor, rather than as makeup applications, is a good idea? They really are that visually appealing.