This Storybook Cosmetics Sneak Peek Is Exciting

by Kali Borovic

Leave it to Storybook Cosmetics to keep the sneak peeks flying. They might be in the middle of releasing their Mean Girls and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory collabs, but it looks like they have something else in the works as well. According to an Instagram post, Storybook Cosmetics created a sunflower-shaped makeup brush. The item is getting fans excited, and people are even starting to think there might be another collab on the way.

Remember back at the beginning of June when Storybook Cosmetics posted a mysterious, shiny product on their Instagram and people began speculating? Well, the details are getting a little more clear. It seems that could have been a first look at the same sunflower-shaped makeup brush that they recently uploaded to their Instagram. Bustle has reached out to the brand to confirm.

Either way, the new sunflower brush is absolutely adorable. The product features a shimmery green handle complete with two little leaves, a golden head that looks like petals, and a round brush head in the middle. All signs point to another makeup tool, my friends. The Instagram photo doesn't reveal the full product, but what it did show was enough to get people excited. Some people are even wondering if a collab is to come.

This wouldn't be the first time that the brand created a flower brush, either. Storybook Cosmetics already has their What's In A Rose Brush Set that's currently sold out, as of June 27. It's very possible that there could be a whole garden of makeup brushes to come.

Just like with any great sneak peek, fans are getting excited. People are freaking out about the launch, and they've only seen one partial pictures. While some people are just excited to add it to their makeup bag, others are speculating about a possible collab.

I was a bit concerned until I read the hashtag.

Yes, all caps is necessary.

Dying of excitement.


So much love!


It's not a want. It's a need.

Needless to say, this product is one to look out for.