'Stranger Things' Season 3 May Have Been Unofficially Confirmed & This Is Not A Drill

Some interesting news may have slipped past Hawkins Lab on Saturday, Nov. 18. The Leftovers actor Amy Brenneman may have unofficially confirmed Strangers Things Season 3. Brenneman tweeted a photo of herself with Matthew Modine that hinted she could be playing Papa's wife in the potential third installment of the hit Netflix series.

In her tweet, Brenneman wrote,

"Many years ago I played Matthew Modine's wife. I am lucky enough to be doing it again. Beautiful man, and my kids think I'm a badass because of @Stranger_Things."

The potential news is undeniably awesome, as anyone who saw Brenneman's work in HBO's underrated The Leftovers can attest, but it's also surprising since Netflix has yet to confirm Stranger Things Season 3 is happening. However, it's beginning to look like series creators Matt and Ross Duffer are already working on Season 3 — although, they may just be doing it for fun.

Deadline reported that the brothers may have inadvertently revealed they'll be returning to the Upside Down at the Vulture Festival. Ross Duffer reportedly told the crowd at the festival,

"We are [in] very early days on season three and we're still figuring it out. I probably wasn't supposed to say that. That's not official, that wasn't an official announcement — we're just working on it, just for our own amusement…for fun!"

While Ross was backtracking, Brenneman was tweeting out the photo featuring Modine looking suspiciously like he was dressed in full Papa mode. Someone page Murray Bauman, because this is starting to look like a conspiracy.

If Brenneman is indeed reuniting with Modine for the first time since 1995's Bye Bye Love — which interestingly, also starred Stranger Things 2's Paul Reiser — then it sounds like Papa is going to be returning to the series for a major arc. Eleven discovered that her captor was still alive before she returned to Hawkins to close the portal that was allowing the Mind Flayer to cross over into the town, but she wasn't given much time to react to the news. With bigger threats on her mind, Eleven had to put the idea that Dr. Brenner could still be out there aside.

Even though he didn't play a major role in Season 2, the reveal that Dr. Brenner is alive felt like it was setting up the character's return in future seasons. The idea that the Netflix series could be introducing a wife for the man who experimented on Eleven, Kali, and the rest of the children held prisoner at Hawkins Lab suggests an unprecedented look inside the life of the not-so-good doctor.

The answer of who Papa is when he's not manipulating little girls may be answered, and if a heavy-hitter like Brenneman is playing his wife, then you can bet she may know all about her husband's work. Is it possible that some of the children had a 'Mama'? It's certainly not out of the question.

Before that question can be answered, Netflix needs to officially announce Stranger Things Season 3. Season 2 was announced on August 31, 2016, a little over a month after the show's July 15 debut. With that in mind, Netflix could announce Season 3 by the end of November — hey, 'tis the season for giving, right?

In an August interview with Vulture, the Duffers hinted that Stranger Things would ultimately run for four seasons. Matt told the site,

"We're thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out. We just have to keep adjusting the story. Though I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year."

It's likely only a matter of time before Stranger Things — and Brenneman's potential involvement — are confirmed. Still, confirmation can't come soon enough for fans who are ready to find out when they can make another return trip to the creepy world of Hawkins.