This Service Helps You Find Books You Loved But Forgot The Title Of

Blue Collectors/Stocksy

If you're a book-lover, you know that perhaps one of the the worst thing you can experience is a lost book, especially if you can't remember enough about the book to find it again. But how can you find a book you've forgotten completely? A new online tool called Stump the Bookseller might be able to help you.

The brainchild of Cleveland's Loganberry Books, Stump the Bookseller offers users support from the booksellers and their community of readers to help find lost books. Submitting a Book Stumper is easy: just write the best description of the book you can, give it a punchy title, and send it in, along with a nominal fee of $4. Your Book Stumper will go live on the Stump the Bookseller blog, and your fellow book nerds will get to work, trying to find the book you've lost. Loganberry Books says that their service "ha[s] a nearly 50% success rate in finding these long lost but treasured books," so you don't have anything at all to lose, really.

If you don't have $4 to spend, there are still plenty of ways for you to find a book you've forgotten, like Reddit's whatsthatbook subreddit. This can be a lifesaver for readers who need to find one book or book series in particular. Check out five of their recent success stories below.

'Shadowlands' by Kate Brian

The survivor of a serial killer's attack, Rory has begun to relax in her new life under witness protection, but her relative happiness sours when her new friend goes missing.

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'Dragon's Gate' by Laurence Yep

The third book in Laurence Yep's Golden Mountain Chronicles, Dragon's Gate follows Otter from China to California, where he hopes to learn skills and technology that will save his homeland from invaders.

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'Lost Magic' by Berthe Amoss

This historical fantasy novel for children centers on Ceridwen, a young healer, who is threatened by accusations of witchcraft after she becomes the companion of a nobleman's daughter.

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'The Unwanteds' by Lisa McMann

The first in a series of novels, The Unwanteds centers on a small group of children who have been removed from mainstream society and taken to a special academy for creative teenagers.

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'Time Windows' by Kathryn Reiss

After moving into her family's new home, Miranda begins to watch events in the lives of the home's previous inhabitants through the windows of an antique dollhouse she finds inside.

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