Stylists Share Their Most Surprising Fashion Tips

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How many times have you wished you could have gone clothing shopping with a stylist? How many times have you imagined texting a fashion editor a last-minute SOS! from a dressing room, because you could have used a pro’s sartorial opinion at that exact moment? If only, right? Shopping for and putting together an outfit should be fun and easy, but sometimes, we all could use a little guidance. You don’t actually need a team of experts in your phone, though, to get over a few fashion bumps. We’ve got you covered.

That's because we’ve partnered with Marshalls — the destination for whatever pieces you're looking for (and even ones you didn't expect to find!) — to bring you surprising tips from stylists and seasoned fashion editors. Whether it's which key wardrobe items to shop for among all the variety or the clever ways to actually wear them, we're bringing you the foundation to a failsafe shopping experience. Consider this your road map to successful in-store exploration and dressing room styling. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference. And sometimes, it’s the simplest things you may not have thought of that will up your closet game. Once you’re done scrolling, we have a feeling you’re going to get the shopping-spree itch. So check out the advice below and get ready to hit the stores.

When It Comes To Outerwear...

"Slightly oversized denim jackets always complete a look. Not only does denim go with everything, but it's a great way to transition from day to night, because [it's] classic and youthful." – Sophie DuBow, Stylist

"A fitted leather jacket over anything — over a T-shirt, over a dress, anything — looks amazing." - Annebet Duvall, Stylist

Talking Tops...

"I love wearing button-down shirts with my favorite denim. One style tip to really complete this look is to un-button the last button on the shirt, tuck either the left or right side into your denim, and let the other side hang out. This is such a chic and effortless look." – DuBow

"Ladies, don't be afraid to experiment in the men's section, and do try on a men's dress shirt — unbuttoned, with rolled up sleeves, a tank top or T-shirt loosely tucked, and skinny jeans. I love playing with larger proportions, as long as its balanced with a form-fitting bottom. Add your favorite chunky bracelets, and this look is now effortless but still feminine." - Rachel Gilman, Stylist

Let's Get To The Bottom Of Things...

"I absolutely love jeans and probably wear them 95 percent of the year. However, I have found that if you find a pair of classic black trousers that fit well, they're a great addition to your closet. Sometimes it is nice to switch it up...for a chic night out." – DuBow

"You need black jeans. Good, clean, dark denim is always something that you need to have, because it looks good on everybody. Even if you’re not feeling cute that day, you can just throw it on with a T-shirt or pretty top, sneakers, flats, whatever — when they’re clean. Maybe own two pairs." –Duvall

It's All About Shoes...

"I like pairing my old, well-worn high tops with everything. It's an easy way to make a more dressy piece into a casual, everyday option — plus they're just super comfortable and last forever, even if I wear them every day." – Olivia Muenter, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"Loafers! If you can find yourself a comfortable pair of loafers, you have to get them. They're a great way to change or dress up a look. Think about a T-shirt with jeans and sneakers as opposed to a T-shirt with jeans and a pair of loafers: It instantly switches it up and allows you to repeat your favorite outfits without thinking twice. They're also a great dressy alternative if you can’t be bothered wearing heels." –DuBow

And Everything Else...

"If something is sitting in my closet and I'm not wearing it, there's a reason. It's because it needs a closure put in the front, or one button is missing off the back or something. I try to have everything fixed — I’m with my tailor once a week. That's a legit thing people should do. And dry clean things that you would never really dry clean. If you wear a coat all winter, and you don't dry clean it before you put it away, the next season you're like, meh...I don't's not new." - Duvall

As for me? I’ve always been a believer in having fun with your personal style. You know the basics that look good on you, so roll with that. Then just play from there, adding your personality through different trends. And the best way to do that is to find a store that has eeeeeeverythhing for less. That way, you're truly free to experiment without blowing through your budget.

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